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Hello Everyone

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Hello Everybody...............
I am here to share information with you.I am a blogger and today I have created this blog.Currently I am part time blogger.
     I thought of sharing my knowledge with other people.This seems me the best method to create a blog and share my views and knowledge.In this blog I will try to provide all latest information about blogging tips, any latest technology news and any other computer or mobile related tips which can be helpful for you.My previous blog http://kurukshetra-tourism.blogspot.com/ shows pictures and information about Kurukshetra.Kurukshetra is my Home town and it is a religous place.I have tried to cover many places and I  have shown pictures of different religious places.Kurukshetra is Land of Mahabharat and Origin place of Geeta(Hindu's Holy Book).Please visit that blog also and comment if you like it or have any information about it.
Coming back to our new blog http://informationground.blogspot.com/ I am trying to provide tips that are very simple but many of us don't know how to use them.So I decided to provide these tips step by step to make their use easy or everyone.Again I need suppport from you.If you like or dislike the POST or have any suggestion or new tips Please mail me or comment .All related comments are welcome.My email Id is shersinghpandha@gmail.com You can send me your suggestions there also.
 If you are a blogger or content writer tha you are welcome to join my blog.Just send me mail to shersinghpandha@gmail.com and send me your complete information(biography).I will contact you soon.If you are Indian blogger than please add your mobile number also.It will be easy for me to call you and get your detail info.Also please mention your experience.I am working with an organization and it requires part time and full time blogger.So contact me with  your full biodata.
If you are a first time reader than check our other POSTS and comment if you like or dislike or have any suggestion.
Once Again I welcome everybody to Information Ground.