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Google AdSense Policy Updated

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Google Updated AdSense Policy
google adsense

Google has silently updated it AdSense policy.AdSense is a revenue sharing program that helps Blogger and website owners to make money online.
This change is going to affect a large number of blogs and websites.With new policy update now you can't put AdSense ads in iFrame.

The updated AdSense policy says

"AdSense code may not be altered, nor may the standard behavior, targeting or delivery of ads be manipulated in any way that is not explicitly permitted by Google. This includes but is not limited to the following: clicking Google ads may not result in a new browser window being launched, nor may Google ads be placed in an IFRAME."

You can find this update in Google adsense policy page under Ad Behavior heading.
 Google has always discouraged the use of iFrame for ads serving stating that it cause trouble in  displaying targeted ads or PSAs.

If you are using AdSense ads in iFrame than you need to modify your site code and use new embed code within your content.Otherwise get ready for horror email from Google which will say "Your AdSense account is disabled".

Chennai Super Kings Won IPL 4 Final Session 2011 (Video)

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Chennai Super Kings Won IPL 4 Final Session 2011
Chennai Super Kings Won IPL 4 Final

MS Dhoni has won another cup in his captaincy.This time it is IPL 4 cup.Chennai Super Kings beat the Royal Challanger Bangalore in the final of IPL cup.Chennai Super Kings has won the IPL cup second time.Chennai Super Kings has become the first team to win the IPL twice.Chennai Super Kings Won the IPL 4 Final Match by 58 runs.

Batting first CSK made 205 runs in 20 overs for the loss of 5 wickets.Murali Vijay scored 95 runs in just 52 balls.He hitted 6 sixes and 4 boundaries.Michael Hussey contributed with 63 runs.He faced 43 balls and hit 3 boundaries and 3 sixes. Sreenath Aravind and Chris Gayle took 2 wickets each while Syed Mohammad took one wicket.

In reply to CSK 205 runs,RCB lost their first wicket in first over.Hard hitting batsman and hope of RCB Chris Gayle was caught behind by MS Dhoni bowled by Ravichandran Ashwin.Chris Gayle was out for duck.After Chris Gayle dismissal,another Hero of last match victory-Mayank Aggarwal was bowled out by Ravichandran Ashwin.None other batsman except Virat Kohli could score much.Virat Kohli Scored 35 runs in 32 ball with the help of 1 boundary and 1 six.RCB was bowled out for runs in overs.

Chennai Super Kings Won the Match by 58 runs.Chennai has won the IPL cup for the second time.In last session (IPL 3) ,CSK beat Mumbai Indians to catch the cup and this time they beat RCB to retain the cup.

Man of the match was given to Murli Vijay who scored 95 runs in just 52 balls.
Checkout Best players in IPL 4 Session 2011 or read some interesting Facts of IPL 4

Watch IPL 2011 Final CSK vs RCB -Highlights Video

How to Kill Rapidshare Waiting Time

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How to Kill Rapidshare Waiting Time
Kill Rapidshare Waiting Time

If you are a regular Internet user than you might know about RapidShare.Rapidshare is a file hosting service.You can upload your files to rapidshare hosting and provide a link for your users to download the file.

Downloading starts instantly if you are a premium user.You have to pay some money to become a RapidPro user.But if you don't have account on Rapidshare and are free user than you have to wait for sometime to download a file.

Nobody wants to wait.If you too want to save waiting time to download a file from rapidsahre than follow the steps written below and you don't have to wait any more to download a file.

Steps to avoid Rapidshare Waiting Time
First Way :
If you use FireFox browser than download Skip Screen.It is a free adddon of Mozilla.Install skip screen .It will skips unnecessary pages on sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, zShare, Mediafire.

Second Way:

Click a Download link for Rapidshare and click on free download button.When timer starts type " javascript:alert(c=0)" in the address bar.A pop up will appear.Click OK.You are done.

Now you don’t have to wait to download your rapidshare file.

Iphone 4 Launched in India

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Apple Iphone 4 Launched in India
Apple Iphone 4

After one year of Apple iphone 4 launch, its finally released for sale in India.Apple's iPhone 4 hit store shelves in India on Friday.

Aircel and Bharti Airtel has launched Apple's Iphone 4G.New iPhone is better than the prevoius model in many ways.Iphone 4 has higher quality screen and longer battery life than the previous model.

Frontend camera is provided for video calling which was missing in iPhone 3GS model.Qualiy of primary camera is also enhanced and a flash light is provided to capture the still images in night or low light.

India is the world's second biggest market for mobile phone service and is fastest growing market of mobiles with more than 800 million mobile subscribers.Though number of smartphone users is quite less,nearly 5 percent.With the launch of 3G service in India,companies expact boom in sale of smartphones.

Price of iPhone 4G in India

Price of iPhone 4G with a 16 GB capacity is 34500 Rupees and Price of iPhone 4G with a 32 GB capacity is 40,900 rupees.
iPhone 4G is available on Aircel and Bharti Airtel retail stores.

Get Nike+ GPS free for your iphone application.

Gmail Introduces People Widget

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Gmail Introduces People Widget
Gmail Introduces People Widget

Google has introduced a new feature in Gmail - Gmail People Widget.This new feature will be located on the right hand side of the inox messages.

Gmail People Widget will provide contextual information about the people in the address book.It will provide the detail of the person with whom you are interacting.It will also contain shortcuts for chatting with and replying to them.

Google Wallet - Everything You Need to Know

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Google Wallet - Everything You Need to Know
Google Wallet
Google has announced its new service Google Wallet and Google Offers.With this new service Google is promising to make your cellphone your wallet.First question that came in mind is what exactly Google Wallet is ? Google Wallet is an Android app and with this app you can pay with your credit or debit card using your phone.

Actually Google Wallet doesn't meant for making payment only.Actually it is a bundle of packages tied together.Google Wallet is a coupon collector and loyalty card system.With this merchants can offer you to new deals and pay your bills.Google Wallet will allow you to pay things as you do now with credit card.

How Google Wallet Works
Google Wallet is based on NFC (Near Field Communications) and PayPass system.So you'll be able to use it anywhere that's hooked up with PayPass.Google says Google Wallet is "more secure than your wallet," because your credit card is never fully displayed, it requires a PIN to access, and the card data is encrypted.
When you add your credit or debit card to your Google Wallet than first it is verified by the bank that you are authorized user.There is 100$ limit until everything is activated via SMS or email.
Google Wallet works on Android phone with an NFC chip.For non-NFC Android phones, Google mentioned using an NFC sticker.For now Google Wallet will not work with non-android phones like iPhone or window phone.

Google Offers
Google Offers, is a service informs you about new deals.You need to subscribe to Google offers and you will get a new deal in your inbox everyday.You can easily redeem those offers with Google Wallet.You can save coupons to your wallet, whether it's a Google Offer you see on the internet or on any NFC enabled shop's poster.

Google is gonna make money off of this whole enterprise, "like Groupon," since they're not making money off of payments themselves-they want to build the ecosystem and get people using Offers, where they pull in ad revenue.

Import AIM Friends into Google Talk

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How to Import AIM Friends into Google Talk
Import AIM Friends into Google Talk
AIM has integrated its messenger service with Google talk.Now Google Talk and AIM have single login.This means you don't need to login separately in both accounts to talk with your friends.You can easily talk with your AIM friend on your Google talk id.You just need to import all your AIM buddies into Google Talk.

At the launch time of AIM and Google talk integration,there was no tool to automatically add AIM contact list to Google Talk.You have to manually add your AIM friends list to Google Talk.
But now AIM has provided a tool that will automatically imports your AIM's contact  list into your Google talk.

This is just a two step process.Click on Import to Gmail.This page will ask you to login into your AIM account.
Import AIM Friends into Google Talk
After you logged into your AIM account,next step is to add your Google talk credentials.Add your Google Talk ID and password.After you added your, it will tell you when it is done.

For now you can import only 38 contacts.If the number of contacts in your AIM list is more than 38,than you have to add them manually.

Window Phone Mango - Unveiled By Microsoft

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Window Phone Mango - Unveiled By Microsoft
Window Phone Mango - Revealed By Microsoft
Microsoft has revealed more new feature of upcoming Window Phone Mango.According to Microsoft,new window phone "mango" has 500 new features.Window Phone Mango is built and organized around three key themes: easier communications, smarter apps, and the Internet.Mango will support languages including Brazilian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Swedish. More than 17000 apps are available for download at window phone app store.Though it is very low as compare to apps in Apple itune store which has more than 500,000 apps.

Microsoft releases window phone in alliance with Nokia.Now Microsoft has contracted with Acer, Fujitsu Limited, and ZTE Corporation to provide wide range of window phones.Now users will have a wide range of window phones to choose from.

Below are some Key features of Window Mango Phone:-
  • Speech to Text:
    Now you don't need to type long messages.Just speech and Mango will automatically write it for you.Microsoft called this feature as Hands-free messaging.It is inbuilt feature of window mango phone.
  • Deeper social network integration:
    You ave more option for social networking sites like linkedin,twitter and facebook.New face detection software will help to tag photos on web more easily and quickly.
  • Groups Messaging and Threads:
    Group messaging will help to send a text, email or IM to the whole group quickly.Switching between text, Facebook chat, and Windows Live Messenger within the same conversation will be easier from now.
  • Improved Search and Internet options:
    Window Mango has approved search with the help of BING.With the help of IE9,you can surf website with more ease.
    To checkout all exciting features, click Window Mango Phone Features.

Window Phone Mango - Revealed By Microsoft

Watch Joe Belfiore shows off Windows Phone Mango Video

Toyota Friend - Social Networking Service By Toyota

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Toyota Friend - Social Networking Service By Toyota
Toyota Friend - Social Networking Service By Toyota

Toyota is going to launch a social networking service "Toyota Friend" with the help of a U.S. Internet company and Microsoft so drivers can interact with their cars in ways similar to other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Toyota Friend will work for Toyota Car Owners.In a demonstration at a Tokyo showroom, an owner of a plug-in Prius hybrid found out through a cell phone message from his Prius called "Pre-boy" that he should remember to recharge his car overnight.

When the owner plugged in his car to recharge it, the car replied, "The charge will be completed by 2:15 a.m. Is that OK? See you tomorrow."

The exchanges can be kept private, or be shared with other "Toyota Friend" users, as well as made public on Facebook, Twitter and other services, the company said.

The companies did not give details of how the technology, such as the content of the talking car's dialogues, will be managed. But officials said the answers will be automated through sensors in the car.

If your car is up for an inspection, for example, the owner will be notified through "Toyota Friend," which will in turn automatically link to a dealer to set up an appointment.

Toyota is investing 442 million yen ($5.5 million), Microsoft Corp. is investing 335 million yen ($4.1 million) and Salesforce.com 223 million yen ($2.8 million) in the project.

Many cars are already equipped with navigation and other network-linking capabilities, and can function as a mobile device just like an iPhone or a Blackberry.

Such next-generation cars need to be recharged and so drivers may need real-time information, such as the battery level of their cars and locations of charging stations, more than regular gas-engine cars.

Toyota Friend service will increase the interaction between the Car and owner.Maintenance process will be easier with this manipulation.

Toyota will launch this service in Japan by 2012 and later then worldwide.Service will be offered initially with electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

Nike+ GPS iPhone application Free Download

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Nike+ GPS iPhone application Free Download
Nike+ GPS iPhone application

NIKE+ is a famous iPhone application which Map your runs and track your running progress.NIKE+ iPhone application record your pace, distance and run route using the iPhone’s GPS and accelerometer technology.

NIKE+ application is celebrating its 5 years and has offered free download for a limited time.NIKE+ GPS application has following features:

With new version of NIKE+ application you can tract your workout and you don't need to add any extra sensor in your shoes (Its true, I have tried it on my iPod Nano).You can record your pace(how fast you run), distance (how much you have travelled) and run route using the iPhone’s GPS(For this feature you need internet access).
You can keep the record of your runs and can share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.Another cool feature of this app is that you can choose your favorite songs on your walk.Also you can get voice feedback about how you are performing.

The Nike+ GPS App is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod touch (2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations) running iOS 4.0 or later. Click Here to Download NIKE+ GPS iPhone,iPod and iPad application for free.

IPL 2011 Players Performance

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IPL 2011 Players Performance
IPL 2011 Session 4

IPL 2011 is tournament is coming to its end.On 28th May, Final match will be played.Chris Gayle joined the tournment in the mid and become the highest scorer of tournament.In bowling,Lasith Malinga is at top.

UPDATE : IPL 4 session 2011 is over now.CSK has won the IPL 4 and its there consecutive win.CSK has become the first team to win the IPL cup twice.CSK beat the RCB in final match of IPL 4.The match winner player of RCB,Chris Gayle was failed in final of IPL 4.Though he performed consistently in the tournament but he failed in two matches.RCB lost both matches.Below I have created a list of top 5 batsman and bowlers of IPL 4.PLayers in the list have scored highest runs and are leading wicket taker.So checkout the list.
Before this article,I posted Interesting facts of IPL 4.Now in this post I have collected data of top 5 batsman of IPL 4 and top 5 Bowlers of IPL 4.

Top 5 Batsman Of IPL 2011 Session 4
Player NameMatches PlayedRuns100's50's4's6'sStrike Rate
Chris Gayle12608224738183.13
Virat Kohli16557045118121.08
Sachin Tendulkar16553124920113.29
Shaun Marsh1350404483146.51
Michal Hussey14492035420118.84

Top 5 Bowlers Of IPL 2011 Session 4
Player NameMatches PlayedOversRuns GivenWickets Taken
Lasith Malinga164737528
Munaf Patel1554.235822
Ravichandran Ashwin134636821
Doug Bollinger166338820
Iqbal Abdulla1454.235819

Five Must Have Plugins For WordPress SEO

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Five Must Have Plugins For WordPress SEO
WordPress is the most widely used CMS for blogging.Billions of sites are running on WordPress CMS.But there is no use of blogging if no one is reading it.Even if you write quality articles than it is very important to optimize them for SEO.

WordPress offers many free and paid plugins for SEO and various other functionalities.Here I am discussing Five must have plugins for WordPress SEO.These WordPress Plugins will optimize your blog for SEO.These will optimize title of Posts, create sitemap of your WordPress blog and increase the efficiency by decreasing the load time.Go and grab these plugins for your blog and see increase in your traffic.
WordPress Search Engine Optimization

1. All-in-one SEO Pack

All-in-one SEO Pack by Sem­per Fi Web Design
This is first and most important plugin.Latest version of this plugin helps to see how title and description of post is displayed in search engine.We can change title and description to catch more attention of readers.

2.Google Sitemap Generator

Google XML Sitemaps
Submitting sitemap to search engine is very important step of SEO.Sitemap includes all links of your website.Google Sitemap Generator plugin generates a XML sitemap of your blog each time you write a new post and lets Google and other search engine know of new content.This will help search engine to find your new content as soon as it is published.

3.Similar Posts

Similar Posts .Internal linking is another important factor of SEO.You can achieve it by using Similar post plugin.Also It is vary important that readers spend time on your Blog.After reading one article,they might leave your blog.But if you installed similar post plugin than they will easily find articles of similar interest.So they will spend more time on your blog.

4. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache – Helps to decrease the load time of your WordPress Blog.It will create cache of files and will display the static version of your Blog.This will help to decrease the CPU usage.
By using this plugin your site will load fast.

5. WP Optimize Database

WP-Optimize Plugin will help you to keep your database clean.It will remove unnecessary entries from your WordPress database and will help you to keep your database clean and organized.This will increase the efficiency of your blog.

By using these five plugins on your WordPress blog ,you can increase the number of visitor on your blog.Recently WordPress has updated its dashboard and added many new Features to its Dashboard.Click Here to Checkout these new exciting features.

Apple Cloud Music - Deal Signed With Sony

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Apple Cloud Music - Deal Signed With Sony
apple logo

Apple has signed a cloud-music licensing agreement with EMI Music and completed its deal with Sony for its unannounced upcoming cloud music service.Google music cloud and Amazon cloud music services are already running.Now it will be interesting to see which service is going to capture the Music Cloud Market.

With Cloud-Music service,user can store their music files in online server and than can play with any gadget having internet access.

Though Amazon and Google have launched cloud music services before Apple,but Apple's licensing agreements would give it the power to possess features that Amazon and Google cannot.

A recent report claimed that Apple had purchased the domain name iCloud.com,for cloud music service and the name of the service could be iCloud-Music.

WordPress Updated Dashboard

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WordPress Updated Dashboard
WordPress has announced an update for its users.WordPress dashboard is updated with several nice and free features.These updates are available for the users using wordpress.com as blogging platform.

WordPress Dashboard is updated with design and performance.Now Dashboard has redesigned toolbar,fonts,full-screen writing mode and more speed."New Post" button is replaced with "Add New" menu.New navigation icons and Visual Editor icons are included in new WordPress dashboard.
WordPress Dashboard

Below is a list of changes that user will find in new WordPress Dashboard:-

1) Left menu is lifted up to make more space.Font size and toolbar is also redesigned for making content management easier.

2)Icons in the Visual Editor toolbar are replaced with new ones.

3)Instead of "New Post" button ion header you will find a “Add New” menu in the admin bar.

4)Support for Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) is discontinued.IE6 users will a warning message.Warning message will be shown in a red alert box that provides a link you can use to upgrade.

5) Now user can write in full screen mode without any distraction.This will provide more space for users.This option is available for both type -Visual Editor and HTML.Visual Editor users will notice a more laid-back icon to enter distraction-free mode, and HTML users will see a new [fullscreen] button. Click one and you’re on your way.Only the most-used formatting and embedding icons are shown, reducing visual noise, along with a Save button in the upper right (you’ll need to go back to the regular editor to publish), and the word count in the lower left.

To use Full Screen Mode on WordPress - press F11 on Windows, or Command+Shift+F on a Mac. To disable full screen, use the same keyboard shortcut, or move your mouse to the top of the screen to reveal the menu.

6) Now you can reply and approve a pending comment with a single button.

Search Engine optimization is one of the most important aspect of Blogging.You can use free plugins to optimize your WordPress blog.List of Five important Plugins for WordPress is available Here.Download and install on your blog and increase the number of visitors on your Blog.

How To Make WordPress URLs SEO Friendly

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How to Make Wordpress URLs SEO Friendly
Wordpress search engine optimization

WordPress is the most widely used CMS for blogging.If someone wants to run his/her own blog than WordPress is first choice.Reason is a number of available free templates, plugins and ease of use.Another reason to choose WordPress as blogging software is its easy search engine optimization(SEO).There are number of free plugin available for search engine optimization of your Wordpress Blog.
Wordpress Setting

One of the basic step of Search Engine Optimization is to make SEO friendly URLs.By doing so we can increase the number of visitors to our blog.By default a wordpress create URLs like this :
  • http://www.yourwordpressblog.com/?p=1
where "p" denote the post.Now it is not optimized for search engine.This URL doesn't give any information about the content of the post.
To make WordPress URLs SEO friendly,Follow these steps :-
  • 1)  Login to your Wordpress Admin Panel
  • 2)  Click on "Settings" in the left pane of WordPress Blog Dashboard   (See image on right side for reference).
  • 3)  Now click "Permalinks" under the "Setting" Menu (See image on right side for reference).
  • 4) Now on right side under the "Common settings" in "Permalink Settings" page ,check the radio button next to "Custom Structure".Copy the code written in box below and paste it in the text box next to custom structure.

    (See image below for reference).
  • Wordpress Setting for SEO Friendly URLs
  • 5) Save Changes
You are done.Now your WordPress blog will show URLs like this
  • http://www.yourwordpressblog.com/your-post-title
These are SEO friendly URLs for your WordPress Blog.

Windows Phone Mango Features Specification Price

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Windows Phone Mango Features Specification Price

Microsoft is regularly revealing new features of upcoming Window Phone Mango(latest version of Window Phone 7).New window mango phone has many exciting features like pre-installed angry bird game,actual multitasking,deep linking live agents, scan bar codes, QR codes, Microsoft tags,Turn-by-turn navigation, Bing Vision, Bing Audio, and SMS dictation etc.Upcoming Window phone Mango's features are listed below :-
Windows Phone Mango Features

  • Bing Vision and Bing Audio:
  • Bing Vision application provide ability to scan barcode and QR code, can pick up Microsoft Tags, and can detect CDs, DVDs, Books, and text using OCR.Similarly Bing Audio app will provide a link to download the audio file after detecting which song is playing.
  • SMS dictation:
  • SMS dictation is voice to text message service.Whatever you will speak,you will get it as text.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation:
  • Just like Ovi maps/navigation of Nokia,new window Mango mobile will have its navigation system.
  • Deep linking live agents:
  • Now you can create a shortcut link for almost everything in your phone.It could be app,a single page or a feature within app.This is one of the coolest feature of Window Mango Phone.
  • Multi-Tasking:
  • Another cool feature of Mango Phone is multitasking.Now you can perform different task at a single time on your Phone.
  • Facebook Chat:
  • Alongwith Window Live Messanger,Facebook Chat will be preinstalled in the window phone.
  • Email server search
  • Now you can search into your email server with new Mango Mobile.This feature was not available in previous models and only option given was to search emails that were stored in your phone.
  • Office 365 & SkyDrive support:

Samsung Hercules 4G - Coming on T-Mobile

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Samsung Hercules 4G - Coming on T-Mobile
Samsung Hercules 4G - Coming on T-Mobile

Samsung introduced performance based 4G phoneInfuse 4G some days before.Samsung Infuse is good at performance but it not for specs junkies.According to new rumors Samsung is going to launch a new phone "Samsung Hercules 4G" which will have the look of Samsung Infuse 4G ,with added a lot of specs and a T-Mobile logo on it.

Below is a list of features that are "expected" in Samsung Hercules 4G:-
  • Screen of the Samsung Hercules is just like previous phone Infuse 4G.It is 4.5 screen with 480×800 Super AMOLED Plus display
  • Dual-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060 processor(much better than the Infuse 4G )
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS
  • 8 Megapixel Camera (1080fps)
  • 1 GB RAM,16 GB internal ROM and external microSD support up to 32GB
  • NFC Support (which Infuse 4G lacks)

Samsung Hercules Price and Availability
The expected price of Samsung Hercules is $350.There is no expected release date.We will post this information as soon as it is available.

Samsung Updating Galaxy with Gingerbread

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Samsung Updating Galaxy with Gingerbread
Samsung Galaxy with Gingerbread

Samsung has announced update of it Galaxy Models.Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, and Galaxy Ace/Gio/Fit/mini models are updated with Gingerbread for better performance and improved user interface.Gingerbird update of Galaxy models will begin from mid May in UK, Nordic countries, and other European market and after that it will hit Asian and African markets.

Samsung is not much good in providing Android OS updates but this is a good move and Samsung users expect more frequents updates like this in future.Samsung is updating its android operating system from Froyo 2.2 to Gingerbread 2.3.

Multimedia content with new OS will have a lower CPU consumption rate which will results in faster performance.It support for more powerful 3D Graphics enables an enhanced mobile gaming experience.Users will have benefit of faster access, more control and enhanced performance.

The upgrade will be available via Samsung Kies(Samsung’s device management software). Click here to download Kies.

Why and How to Degrade IE9 to IE8

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Why and How to Downgrade IE9 to IE8
internet explorer 9
Yesterday I upgraded my Internet Explorer Browser from IE8 to IE9 version.I was hoping for more speed reliability and performance.But I was shocked to see when many websites didn't respond properly.I have BSNL broadband internet connection and often check my BSNL broadband usage on BSNL Web Portal.When I logged into my account the portal shows a warning message "Your web browser is not currently supported".I was worried.Than I tried to check other sites like admin section of my blog Information Ground.Statistics page of the admin section was not displaying properly.I got similar problem on many other websites so I decided to degrade the Internet Explorer 9 version to Internet explorer 8 version.
Below I have written the steps to degrade IE9 to IE8 for Windows Vista and Windows XP:-

Steps to Uninstall IE8 from Windows XP

1. From Windows,Go to Control Panel and open Add/Remove Programs application

2. Find and select Windows Internet Explorer 9 from the list of available applications.

3. Click the Remove button.

4. Restart your system.

Steps to Uninstall IE8 from Windows Vista

1. Click the Start Button and select Control Panel.
2. Select Programs (Programs and Features if you’re using the Classic View).
Uninstall IE8 from Windows Vista
3. Select View installed updates (it will be under the Tasks column if you’re using the Classic View).

4. Find and select Windows Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) from the list of available updates.

5. Click the Uninstall button at the top of the list.
Degrade IE9 to IE8

6. Restart your system.

If you are not satisfied with Internet Explorer 8 than you can uninstall that verision also.Steps to uninstall IE 8 are given here.

AOL AV Video Chat - No need to Sign-in or Download Any Software

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AOL AV Video Chat - No need to Sign-in or Download Any Software
AOL AV Video Chat

AIM has introduced new video chat system "AOL AV Video Chat" which don't require any registration or download to start video chat.AOL AV Video Chat adobe flash based video chat system.

If you want to chat on AOL AV than you will be given a personal unique chat link.Share it with your friend and you can start video chat without any other download or registration.System provides audio/video chat.You can chat with up to three other users at a single time.That means four person can chat at once.Originator of the chat can invite and remove the users from chat list.

Site has given the option to send the Video Chat link to your friends on AIM or Facebook.AOL AV Video Chat supports relatively recent browsers (full list is given below) because it is based on Adobe Flash 10.3 which also means that this service will not run on new devices like Apple’s iPhone and iPad and some older devices.AOL working on making mobile versions of AOL AV and adding additional features to the service in the coming weeks.

Click Here to enjoy the AOL AV video chat service.

Following are the supported browsers for AOL AV Video Chat
For Window OS Users
  • Internet Explorer 7 and higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 3 and higher
  • Google Chrome 9 and higher
There are some issues reported with use of Mozila Firefox 4 version with Windows Vista.
For MAC OS Users
  • Safari 5
  • Mozilla Firefox 3 and higher
  • Google Chrome 9 and higher

Sony PlayStation Network Starting Again

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Sony Playstation Network Starting Again
Sony Playstation Network

Sony Corporation Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai announced that they have restored the Sony PlayStation network after hackers attack on Sony network.

Sony PlayStaion network was down because hackers hack the Sony network and stole the information of more than 24 million users.Hacked information of users(name,address) was posted on a website.This hacked data was removed by Sony a week ago.

Talking about the restoring of PlayStation network,Sony Corporation Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai said that restoring is done in phases and we are happy to announce that first phase is launched in many regions around the world.The mandatory PlayStation 3 system update (v3.61) is currently available.Sony expects to restore the network fully by 31st May.All PSN and Qirocity users will receive a “Welcome Back” package once their PSN access is restored. Users in the US can check this map to see whether service has been restored to their state or not.

In phase one of restoring Sony PlayStation netwrok following services are updated :
  • PlayStation Home
  • Playback rental service
  • Access to third party services like Netflix and Hulu
  • Video Delivery Service for PS3, PSP and MediaGo devices
  • Friends List, Chat and Trophy Comparison on PS3
Hirai apologies for the service inconvinience and said that they have update the whole PlayStation network.Data security system are updated and are now more secure.

Watch Hirai announcing the Restart of Sony Playstation Network

Samsung Galaxy S II Review Features Price

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Samsung Galaxy S II Review Features Price
Samsung Galaxy S II
Samsung Galaxy S II is the latest upcoming android mobile phone of Samsung Galaxy S series.3 million order before its launch shows the curiosity of customers about the phone.Samsung Galaxy S II is built on Android v2.3 Gingerbread OS with 4G capability.Its 2 megapixel front facing camera helps in quality video calling.Rear camera is 8 megapixel with LED flash light which can be used to shoot still images and video recording.With the help of Samsung Galaxy S II Wi-Fi, you can connect to almost any wireless network.With inbuilt image and video editor you can edit your recorde images and videos.
Samsung Galaxy S II is light weight weighing just 115 gm.New Samsung Galaxy S II is faster and bigger than the previous model and comes with 4.3 inch super AMOLED screen.Samsung had reported the 3 million pre order till April end.Means more order will come in coming months.Galaxy S II will eventually be offered in 120 countries through a total of 140 different carriers.

Samsung Galaxy S II Features and Specifications
  • 4.3 WVGA SUPER AMOLED Plus display
  • Dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor with Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS
  • 8 MP rear camera with LED FLash (1080p@30fps)
  • 2 MP front camera for video calling
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 and Bluetooth 3.0
  • Stereo FM radio with RDS
  • 16/32 GB internal memory.you can extend up to 32 GB( with micro SD support)
  • MicroUSB and 3.5mm Ear Jack
  • Social Hub/Readers Hub/Music Hub/Game Hub (Users can sync their phonebook with their social networks, IM and email accounts)
  • Battery 1650mAh
  • Weight: 116gm
  • Android Browser/RSS Reader
  • Google maps with Latitude, Places and navigation
Price and avialability of Samsung Galaxy S II

Expected Price of Samsung Galaxy S II is between $700 to $850.For Indian customers it will cost above Rs 25000.Samsung Galaxy S II will be available at the end of May.

Restore Your Iphone to Factory Setting

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How To Restore Your Iphone to Factory Setting
apple Iphone 4
If your iPhone has become unresponsive, it is not working properly or it is not powering on than you can overcome this problem by resetting your iPhone or restoring iphone to factory setting.But keep in mind restoring iphone to factory setting will erase all user data like songs video images and even network setting.If you have unlocked your iphone than it might again get locked.

There are two types of resetting that you can do with your iphone : one is soft reset and second is hard reset.Follow these steps for soft reset of your iphone :

1.Press Sleep/Wake button on the top of your iphone.

2.Press and hold Sleep/Wake button for approximately 5 seconds until a slider with a red button appears at the top of the screen. It will say "slide to power off".

3. Move the slide to power off your iphone and wait until it is completely  turned off.Now power on your iphone.This is soft reset for your iphone.

Do you want to JAILBREAK Your Iphone ?If yes than here is a guide to JAILBREAK IPHONE (any model).

Steps to hard reset iphone :

1. Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button for about ten seconds.Continue to hold two buttons down together until the screen goes completely dark.

2.Now press Sleep/Wake button for approximately 5 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen.This way you can hard reset your iphone.

Watch Video About How To Hard Reset iPhone

How to restore iphone to original factory setting :

Instead of doing soft reset or hard reset of your iphone you can restore your iphone to original factory settings.But be cautious,it will delete all user data (music,images and video files) of your iphone.Better is to take backup of your iphone and than restore it to original factory setting.Backup will help to restore the iphone to same position in which it was before restoring.Follow these steps for factory setting of iphone:

  • Connect iPhone with itune installed on your computer.
  • In iTunes click on your iphone and from the top menu select 'Summary' tab .
  • Click on Restore.After clicking Restore, a pop up will open that will prompt you to choose if you are ready to restore your iPhone to factory settings.
  • After confirming restore,following steps will be performed on your iphone : Extracting software, Verifying iPhone restore, Preparing iPhone for restore, Preparing iPhone for software restore, Restoring iPhone software, Verifying iPhone software, Verifying iPhone restore, Restoring iPhone firmware. Do not disconnect your iphone while the phone is in the process of restoring.
  • A notification which will say, "iPhone has been restored to factory settings and is restarting", will appears to inform you that your iPhone has been restored to factory settings and is restarting. Click 'Ok'.
    iphone is restored to factory setting
  • After you click 'Ok', your phone will restart. The Apple logo will be displayed it will ask to connect to iTunes.Ignore this message and do not disconnect.Wait until it says "iphone is activated"
    iphone is activated
  • Your iphone is restored to factory setting.

You can restore your iphone to factory setting from inside your iphone.Below is a video which explain how to restore your phone to factory setting with your iphone.
Watch Video About How To Reset iPhone Back To Factory Settings Do you want to JAILBREAK Your Iphone ?If yes than here is a guide to JAILBREAK IPHONE (any model).

Google Chrome Notebook Review Features and price

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Google Chrome Notebook Review Features and price
samsung google chrome notebook
Finally Google announced its first commercial Chrome Notebook to compete with Microsoft and Apple.Chromebooks will be available in mid-June and with the help of Chromebooks,Google is trying to capture the Apple's Mac and Windows business desktop market.Chrome book is released with a joint venture of Samsung and Acer.

The Google Chrome OS starts up fast than the Microsoft Window or apple's Mac operating system.It boots in approx 10 seconds.Google has added many other feature which will surely attract its users.Chromebook has Integrated Wi-Fi and support for 3G.It has inbuilt security to prevent malware and virus.Google is providing free upgrade.Applications and OS will be updated automatically when new updates are available.You don't need to sign in every time when you open your chrome notebook.You will be automatically logged in into your account when you start your Google chrome notebook.

Features and Specifications of Google Chrome Notebook

Chrombooks runs on Google Chrome OS
Intel Atom N455 processor (1.66 GHz)
Intel integrated graphics
Hard disk is only 16 GB SSD.You have to rely on external storage for more memory.
Chromebook comes with Wi-Fi and 3G enabled
Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR (Atheros AR5BBU12)
One USB 2.0 port and SD/SDHC memory card reader
Li-ion battery (63 Wh capacity) which promises nearly 7 hours battery backup
Weight is approximately 3.8 pounds

Price and Availability of Google Chrome Notebook

Chromebooks will be available online June 15 in the US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Spain. More countries will follow in the coming months.Chromebooks sale will start from June 15 . Samsung and Acer will sell different models. Samsung chrome notebook with 12.1-inch screen and Wi-Fi only cost $429.Price of other model with 3G capabilities is $499. Acer’s product will have an 11.6-inch screen and sell for $349 with Wi-Fi only.

Using a Chrome notebook

Google Music Cloud Player

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Google Music Cloud Player
Google Music Cloud Player
Google Music Cloud Player
Google Launched its much awaited service Google Music Beta Cloud Player on Tuseday.New service aims to provide all your music songs everywhere you go.

You can upload upto 20,000 songs and play those songs in web browser of your desktop or music player of Android.New features like Genius or thumbs up and thumbs down for easy shuffling of music file will be added soon.

Currently Google Music beta is available only in United States.You have to get an invite to service.You can sign up for the beta at music.google.com.After you sign up,service will ask you for your favorite genres of Music.Than service will provide you some free song packs to try out that match your tastes. It will be helpful to see how the player works before you go uploading all your music. Once it's done, it'll prompt you to download the Music Manager to start uploading your music.

Watch Music Beta by Google Introduction Video

Sort Google Images By Subject

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Sort Google Images By Subject

Google is consistently working on improving the search engine result.After improving Google web search with new Panda Algorithm,now Google has announced a new feature in Google Images Search Engine.This new option will help in searching more relevant images.Google has added the option to sort images by subject in Google Image Search Engine.

When you search for an image on Google's Image search engine than you got many irrelevant images.We can limit these irrelevant result with Sort By Subject option.For example in the above image when we searched for London and sort it by Subject than we got more relevant images.

Google is rolling out this option in every domain and language and this option will be available all over the world within next week.

Below is a video that demonstrate the Sort by Subject option in Google Image Search Engine.

How To Make Round Corners with CSS

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How to Make Round Corners with CSS

If you have learned HTML and CSS than you know how much it is difficult ot make round corners with CSS.To make round corner with images is very boring task.One of the best ways to to create round corner box with css is to use a css code generator that will automatically generates the round corner css code for you.

CSS3 Generator can write custom CSS code for you and make it easy for you to generate the CSS for round corner box.

You can adjust the radius of corners(to make it more round),shadow and opacity.You can add gradient layout to the box.You can easily check the result in the preview box which helps you to design it as per your requirements.
Benefit of using CSS3 Generator are :
  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Meant for web developers and graphics designers.
  • Lets you create CSS gradients.
  • Provides code for the created gradient.
  • Lets you include or exclude support for Internet Explorer 7 and 8.
  • Features not supported by Opera and Internet Explorer are indicated in the code.

I have designed a corner shown in the right hand side.CSS Code for this Round box corner is written below:-


Go to CSS3 Generator and design your Round Corner Box with CSS.

Single Login for AIM and Google Talk

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Single Login for AIM and Google Talk
AIM and Google Talk

Now you can do chat with your Google talk friends and AIM buddies with a single login.AIM and Gmail Chat (Google Talk) are now interoperable and you can chat with friends on Google talk and AIM with single login.Now there is no need to login into both services separately.

Google and AOL are working together on integration of Google talk with AIM more tighlty. After this change, Gmail and AIM users can talk directly to each other without having to log into both services.

By signing into your Google account (Google Talk),you will be able to chat with your AIM friends with same Google account.you can talk to your AIM friends by adding them to your Google Talk list (in the form of screenname@aol.com) or by using the AIM to Gmail contacts importer, which should be available soon.

More detail on how it works will be available soon.

UPDATE: How to Import AIM Buddies into Google Talk

Yahoo Introduced new Yahoo! Mail Beta

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Yahoo Introduced new Yahoo! Mail Beta
Yahoo Introduced new Yahoo! Mail Beta
Yahoo has introduced new Yahoo Mail Beta version.For now Yahoo is asking its users for taking demo of new mail beta but after sometime users will have to upgrade to Yahoo mail Beta.

Yahoo has worked on design part as well as functioning of new yahoo mail beta.Many new useful features and applications are added to new Yahoo mail Beta version.New design looks very nice and is very easy to use (Image of new Yahoo mail beta is shown above).

New yahoo mail beta promised the higher speed of sending mails and attaching files.Yahoo has increased spam protection and added a new option to connect your Facebook account with yahoo mail.You can link your Facebook feed and can see post and conversations.All images in emails are now initially blocked for quick message loading and spam protection.You can see those image by clicking Show Images or by setting the spam guard in options.

If you add a signature in Options, now you'll actually see it each time you compose a message. Type above it. Then leave it as–is, change or delete it—just like any other text in an email.

Like previous version you can easily chat with your online friends on your yahoo mail box page.Now new feature of sending messages to mobile is added on your inbox.Yahoo is giving its users unlimited mail storage.

With new design it is very easy to add a new contact and to delete or edit any old contact.
The new version of Yahoo mail Beta works properly with all major browsers like Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3 and newer, Safari 4 and newer, and Chrome 5.

Watch Yahoo! Mail Beta Features Video

Create Poll on Facebook

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Create Poll on Facebook

Few days ago I write a post about how to earn on Facebook.Now I am going to explain how to create Polls on Facebook and how you can use these poll or surveys to interact with your readers.Facebook is the biggest social networking website of the world.You might have seen the polls asking you about your opinion on Facebook.These polls might be created by your friend or any other website which you are following.

By creating poll you can create a get the valuable feedback of your readers.If you have a website and a fan page of that website on Facebook than Poll can be proved as a great way to get feeedabck of your readers about your website or any product that you have launched.It could be a great way to know what your readers want.There is no use of posting if your readers are not interesting in reading them.

Question is how to create a Poll on Facebook.There are many application which help you to create Poll or survey on Facebook.

Poll for Facebook is one of the simple best and free option to create a online survey on Facebook.
Poll on Facebook
"Poll For Facebook" provides many options like radio button for single answer,text box for asking users to write answer and checkbox for multiple answer selection.This means you can specify if you want answers as single choice,multiple choice, text or a comment thread. You can modify HTML of your Poll and can Add Image to Poll on Facebook also (premium users only).

Facebook Questions is the inbuilt option in Facebook for asking questions.It is situated on the left panel of your Facebook Page.
Poll on Facebook
It provides a simple way to add poll and doesn't have much advance option like Poll for Facebook.

Poll Daddy Polls is another Facebook application with which you can easily create Polls.You can add up to 30 answers for a question in Poll Daddy Polls.There is a option to add images with your answers.You can add links in your question and some basic HTML.

Using these Applications you can easily create Poll and Survey on Facebook and can know what your readers want.

IPL 2011 Session 4 Statistics - Interesting Facts

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IPL 2011 Session 4 Statistics
IPL 2011 Session 4

IPL Session 4 is running and total 74 matches will be played from 8th April to 28th May,2011.Ten teams are participating in IPL 4 Session.Final Of the IPL Session 4 will be played at M. A. Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai on 28th May.

Do you know which Batsman Scored highest runs in IPL 4, most economical bowler of IPL 4, highest wicket taking bowler or most expensive bowler.Which batsman hit maximum number of six and boundaries ? What is the highest individual score of teams ? Below you can get answers of all these questions.
  • Total number of sixes hitted so far in IPL 4 is 635 while 1914 boundries are scored.
  • Chris Gayle Hit the most number of bounries.He hit 76 boundries.
  • Total 21125 runs scored so far out of which 1223 runs come as extra.
  • 809 wickets falls in IPL 4 so far in which 501 were caught out and 74 were run out.
  • 102 catches are dropped so far in IPL 4.
  • Fastest Half century was scored by Sunny Sohal.He scored fifty in just 24 balls against Chennai Super Kings.
  • Badrinath scored most fifties in IPL4 .He scored 5 fifties.
  • Zaheer Khan bowled most wide (19 wide balls) of the the IPL 4 tournament.In teams, Royal Challangers has thrown 63 runs in form of wide(tournament's highest wide bowls).
  • Lasith Malinga has the most number of wickets.Malinga has taken 28 wickets so far in IPL 4 tournament.He has another record of most duck dismissal (7 times).
  • Doug Bollinger has bowled the highest number of Bouncers (16).

    Post is Still Developing .Check Back Soon.. :-)Meanwhile you can check Interesting facts of ICC World Cup 2011   and   Statistics of ICC Worldcup 2011

    Sony Removed Hacked Data

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    Sony Removed Hacked Data
    sony hackers
    Sony Removed Data That was Hacked last Week 

    Sony removed the hacked data that was posted online.On Saturday Sony had removed the personal details of 2,500 people that was hacked and posted on a website.

    Sony website and playstaion was hacked last week and information of Sony's Customer was stolen.The stolen information included names and addresses of customers, which were in a database created in 2001.

    Last Sunday Sony said that it would restore its PlayStation Network within week but now a spokeswoman said on Saturday that this would not be possible.There is no no date had been fixed for the Playstation Network restart.

    Create Apple Account in iTunes without Credit Card

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    Create Apple Account in iTunes without Credit Card
    apple itune store

    There are many free applications available for your Iphone,Ipod and Ipad on iTunes Store.You can download them and install into your Ipod or iPhone easily.To Download these free applications you need a Apple account.

    You need a credit card to create a Apple account on iTunes store.When you try to create a new account,you will see option to add payment method like image below :-
    With this option you have to enter your credit card information."None" option is missing here which is required to create Apple account on iTunes store without credit card.But if You want to create a apple account without entering your credit card information than follow these simple steps :-

    1. Start iTunes application and click on iTunes store.

    2. Scroll to the bottom and change your country to United States.
    country option in itune store

    3. Click on App store on the top.
    top panel of itune store

    4.Click to download free application from the right side panel
    free apple applications in itune store

    5.It will open a Pop up that have option to sign in with existing Apple account or to create a new account.Click on link to create a new account.
    create a new apple account

    6.Fill your email address, password and date of birth.On next step of Payment Option select "none".
    payment option at apple's itune store

    7.Fill address information and submit the form.A verification mail will be sent to email address filled in first step.Click on the verification link and your Apple account will be activated.
    Apple Account created without Credit Card

    Watch a video on How to Create Apple Account in iTunes without Credit Card