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Import AIM Friends into Google Talk

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How to Import AIM Friends into Google Talk
Import AIM Friends into Google Talk
AIM has integrated its messenger service with Google talk.Now Google Talk and AIM have single login.This means you don't need to login separately in both accounts to talk with your friends.You can easily talk with your AIM friend on your Google talk id.You just need to import all your AIM buddies into Google Talk.

At the launch time of AIM and Google talk integration,there was no tool to automatically add AIM contact list to Google Talk.You have to manually add your AIM friends list to Google Talk.
But now AIM has provided a tool that will automatically imports your AIM's contact  list into your Google talk.

This is just a two step process.Click on Import to Gmail.This page will ask you to login into your AIM account.
Import AIM Friends into Google Talk
After you logged into your AIM account,next step is to add your Google talk credentials.Add your Google Talk ID and password.After you added your, it will tell you when it is done.

For now you can import only 38 contacts.If the number of contacts in your AIM list is more than 38,than you have to add them manually.

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