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Sony Website Hacked Again - 12,700 Credit Card Info Compromised

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Sony Website Hacked Again - 12,700 Credit Card Info Compromised
Sony Online Entertainment Hacked
Sony Company is in great trouble.Its site is attacked for second time.This time Sony Online Entertainments Server in Japan have suffered the malicious attack.

A Japanese newspaper the Nikkei reports that nearly 12,700 credit card information is compromised.Sony website is down and a little bit information is posted on the site page.According to the information given by Sony company ,We have detected a intrusion in our system and have taken site down with immediate effect.More information will be provided later today.

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) Have confirmed that user data is compromised.On SOE website this information is displayed (see above image).This is for the second time in a month when Sony website is compromised.Sony website faced a cyber attack last month also.Sony alerted its customers that Sony's PlayStation video game network is hacked and hackers had stole names, addresses, passwords and possibly credit card numbers of its 77 million customers.This means the user data of 77 million customers was hacked.

According the SOE (Sony Online Entertainment),all the customers whose data is stolen by intrusion on our system will receive a email explaining what has happened.Further instructions will be given in email that will help users to protect their accounts.

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