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Five Must Have Plugins For WordPress SEO

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Five Must Have Plugins For WordPress SEO
WordPress is the most widely used CMS for blogging.Billions of sites are running on WordPress CMS.But there is no use of blogging if no one is reading it.Even if you write quality articles than it is very important to optimize them for SEO.

WordPress offers many free and paid plugins for SEO and various other functionalities.Here I am discussing Five must have plugins for WordPress SEO.These WordPress Plugins will optimize your blog for SEO.These will optimize title of Posts, create sitemap of your WordPress blog and increase the efficiency by decreasing the load time.Go and grab these plugins for your blog and see increase in your traffic.
WordPress Search Engine Optimization

1. All-in-one SEO Pack

All-in-one SEO Pack by Sem­per Fi Web Design
This is first and most important plugin.Latest version of this plugin helps to see how title and description of post is displayed in search engine.We can change title and description to catch more attention of readers.

2.Google Sitemap Generator

Google XML Sitemaps
Submitting sitemap to search engine is very important step of SEO.Sitemap includes all links of your website.Google Sitemap Generator plugin generates a XML sitemap of your blog each time you write a new post and lets Google and other search engine know of new content.This will help search engine to find your new content as soon as it is published.

3.Similar Posts

Similar Posts .Internal linking is another important factor of SEO.You can achieve it by using Similar post plugin.Also It is vary important that readers spend time on your Blog.After reading one article,they might leave your blog.But if you installed similar post plugin than they will easily find articles of similar interest.So they will spend more time on your blog.

4. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache – Helps to decrease the load time of your WordPress Blog.It will create cache of files and will display the static version of your Blog.This will help to decrease the CPU usage.
By using this plugin your site will load fast.

5. WP Optimize Database

WP-Optimize Plugin will help you to keep your database clean.It will remove unnecessary entries from your WordPress database and will help you to keep your database clean and organized.This will increase the efficiency of your blog.

By using these five plugins on your WordPress blog ,you can increase the number of visitor on your blog.Recently WordPress has updated its dashboard and added many new Features to its Dashboard.Click Here to Checkout these new exciting features.

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