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Earn on Facebook by Watching Ads

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Earn on Facebook by Watching Ads
Earn on Facebook by Watching Ads

Now Facebook Users can earn on Facebook by watching certain ads.Facebook on Thursday introduced a new program that offers its users 10 cents to watch certain ads.

Facebook offered a its users a chance to earn rewards by watching ads on Facebook.Whenever a user watches certain ads on Facebook than 1 credit is added into users account which is equal to 10 cents.Users can redeem it to purchase goods on Facebook Deals or the company’s new Groupon-like daily deals service.

Mostly ads will be in games. CrowdStar, Digital Chocolate and Zynga are among the participating game publishers. Facebook is working with Sharethrough, SocialVibe, Epic Media and SupersonicAds to serve ads on the program as well as TrialPay, which will provide analytics.

Last week Facebook changed its Credit Program which allowed its users to buy goods that were advertised in deals.This move is a result of that policy change.

Below is a image that shows one credit added to account after watching ad on Facebook.
Earn on Facebook by Watching Ads

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