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Yahoo Introduced new Yahoo! Mail Beta

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Yahoo Introduced new Yahoo! Mail Beta
Yahoo Introduced new Yahoo! Mail Beta
Yahoo has introduced new Yahoo Mail Beta version.For now Yahoo is asking its users for taking demo of new mail beta but after sometime users will have to upgrade to Yahoo mail Beta.

Yahoo has worked on design part as well as functioning of new yahoo mail beta.Many new useful features and applications are added to new Yahoo mail Beta version.New design looks very nice and is very easy to use (Image of new Yahoo mail beta is shown above).

New yahoo mail beta promised the higher speed of sending mails and attaching files.Yahoo has increased spam protection and added a new option to connect your Facebook account with yahoo mail.You can link your Facebook feed and can see post and conversations.All images in emails are now initially blocked for quick message loading and spam protection.You can see those image by clicking Show Images or by setting the spam guard in options.

If you add a signature in Options, now you'll actually see it each time you compose a message. Type above it. Then leave it as–is, change or delete it—just like any other text in an email.

Like previous version you can easily chat with your online friends on your yahoo mail box page.Now new feature of sending messages to mobile is added on your inbox.Yahoo is giving its users unlimited mail storage.

With new design it is very easy to add a new contact and to delete or edit any old contact.
The new version of Yahoo mail Beta works properly with all major browsers like Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3 and newer, Safari 4 and newer, and Chrome 5.

Watch Yahoo! Mail Beta Features Video

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