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Google Account Activity - Complete Information

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Account Activity is a new feature provided by Google to its users.This service is still beta and provides complete information about how you have used Google Products.It helps you to monitor your usage.It will provide the information about the browser and platform that you have used to sign in into your account.It will also provide information about the location from where you signed in.
Google Account Activity
Google Account Activity
As you see in the above image, it shows information about Gmail, YouTube and web history usage.It shows the complete information about how much email you have sent/ received and most contacted emails.Web History shows you the number of searches you made, your top queries for which you searched and search types (whether you search for image or web).

You also get information about YouTube videos that you have uploaded.This portion shows the total number of views on your videos,viewers location and your most popular video.

Let me know your thoughts about Google account activity.

Google Play - New Service by Google

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Google Play Logo
Google Play
Google has launched a new service Google Play.Google Play is all about movies,music,books,android apps and games.Some of these apps are free while others are paid.Search giant has added a new tab on its home page with name Play.It is linked with Google Play.
Google has launched this service to compete with Apple's cloud.You can purchase music ,movies or apps and play them on web for your android device.You need a Google account to sign in and a android device linked with your account.Google Play is not fully available in all countries.Music option is available only for US visitors similarly movies are available only in US, UK Canada and Japan.Google is working on adding more countries and we hope soon all services will be available worldwide.Below are some of the services offered in Google Play.
Google Play Music
There are hundreds of free songs  and millions of paid songs.You can easily create the playlist of songs. The music you choose is automatically stored in your Google Play music library and instantly ready to play on your computer, Android phone or tablet.You can easily listen music on web or on your android device with the help of Google Play music app.You can also play music offline.With the help of Google+ You can also share music with your friend for free listen.Means your friend needs not to purchase the same music.
For now Google Play music is available only in US.
Google Play Games/Apps
Google Play offers free as well as paid android applications.Applications are grouped by top selling paid and free apps.All these apps are categorized to make it easy for user to find the game of his/her interest.Angry Bird Space,Talking tom cat,iPhone 4s screen and solar charger are some of top free android applications.While where is my water by Disney,cut the rope by Zeptolab,Draw Something by OMGPOP are some of the top paid android applications.
Google Play Movies
You can rent movies and watch them instantly.You can also download it to watch it later.All you need is Google Play movie app.There will be thousands of movies to be choose from.Movies will include HD title, new releases, award-winning films and classics films.
For Now movies are only available in US, UK, Canada and Japan.
Google Play Books
Google play books has the largest collection of eBooks of your favorite authors.There are over 4 millions of books to choose from.Millions of free eBooks are also available.
For Now movies are only available in US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Click Here to visit the Google Play

Points to keep in mind before Jailbreak

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Jailbreak is one of the popular method to hack the iphone, ipod, ipad or apple tv.In technical terms it allows user to gain access over Unix file system of your i-Device and helps you to add additional applications through Cydia.With the help of Jailbreak user gain root access to the operating system and can add extra themes,apps and software which are not available through official apple store.
Why use Jailbreak
Jailbreak allows you to add custom themes, icons and application that are not available through official apple app store.Your  iphone will will be more powerful with the help of Jailbreak.You can add a number of free applications.
Another advantage of Jailbreak is that you can unlock you iPhone and use any other mobile operator.Here is a JailbreakWizard which tells you whether you can Jailbreak and unlock your iphone, ipod ,ipad or Apple tv.Below is a video which demonstrate the various uses of Cydia

Disadvantages of Jailbreak
Now you know the advantages of Jailbreak.Now question is - Is there any back side of jailbreak.Answer is YES.First and major disadvantage of Jailbreak is that your warranty is void.Apple easily detects a jailbreak and never allow its users to jailbreak their device.
Another disadvantage is if you stuck in the process of Jailbreak than it might take many of your valuable hours to solve the problem.I am saying this with my personal experience :-(
Important points before Jailbreak
1)First check whether you can Jailbreak your device or not.If you are trying to unlock your iphone using Jailbreak than you must check it before proceeding.This guide will help you to know whether your device can be Jailbreak/unlock or not.Click here to Read the Jailbreak/Unlock Guide
2)You must update your itune software to latest version.Older version of itunes cause problem during restore of custom IPSW files.
3)It is better to turn off the windows firewall during the jailbreak process.
4)Only use proper version of software and files for Jailbreak.A list of such software and files is provided in Jailbreak Wizard
If anything  goes wrong than you can restore iphone using instructions listed here.

Photoshop 6 Beta Download for Free

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Photoshop 6 Beta Logo
Photoshop 6 Beta
Adobe has released beta CS6 version of Photoshop.Photoshop is one of the most popular tool for image editing.Photoshop first launched around 22 years ago and has since gone on to become the image editing tool of choice for artists, photographers and designers around the world.Since its invention,Adobe has released many version of Photoshop.Current version 6 is still beta and is available for free download.
The new version is more concentrated on basics.That means Adobe has worked on that 10 percent of basic which does 90 percents of work.It includes 3D image editing, new and re-engineered design tools , fast performance and modernized user interface.Below is a video in which Russel is describing his favourite features in Photoshop CS6.

There will be two versions of Photoshop CS6 - the standard Photoshop CS6 and Extended edition. Extended Edition of CS6 will be more expensive and have extra features.
Requirements for Photoshop CS6 are atleast 1Gb of RAM and OpenGL 2.0 video card.This is a must have tool for every designer.

Airtel Money - How to use

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Airtel Money Logo
Airtel Money
Airtel Money is a new service provided by Airtel.It is getting popular due to its cash back and other discount schemes offered only to Airtel Money users.You can deposit money into your Airtel Money account and use it to recharge mobile or pay for various other products.You can even deposit money to any bank account.It takes only 1 business day to get cash into Bank account for which money is deposited.
                               To register a account for Airtel Money you should be 18 years old .One person can have only one Airtel Money account.
If you don't know how to use Airtel Money than below are steps that will guide you to use Airtel Money.
1) Register your Airtel number with Airtel Money account.Click here to register a new account .
2) Choose between  EXPRESS ACCOUNT  or POWER ACCOUNT (Power account allows you to send money to any airtel money customer or bank while in express account you can only spend money)
 3)Choose a mPin.This is four digit password just like youy Bank ATM card.Keep it confidential as people can misuse it.
4)You are ready to use Airtel Money.
You can load cash into your Airtel money account by Online Recharge (Net banking) on www.airtelmoney.in
or you can ask authorize  Airtel Retailer to add money in your account.
It is as simple as using mobile. 
Click here to know more about Airtel Money

What is Airtel Money

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Airtel Money logo
Airtel Money
Airtel has launched a new service - Airtel Money.With the help of Airtel Money you can easily get money into your mobile.To use Airtel Money you have to register for it.You will be asked to choose a mPin which which will be needed to make the transfer of money.
You should not set mPin's which can be guessed easily (like your house number/ year of birth/ 1111 etc) since every transaction in your account is authenticated by this mPin.
You can easily check  your transaction history and balance in you Airtel Money Account   through airtel money application by dialing *400# or by checking in your sim

Best part of recharging mobile by Airtel money is that you get 5% cash back.Many other companies are offering discount on paying bills by Airtel Money.

You can easily pay your Airtel Bill,recharge the friends airtel mobile,Pay BSNL and MTNl bills and purchase tickets for movies.Below is merchant list who support Airtel Money for now.

Central Power Distribution Company Of A.P
Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board

Bses Rajdhani
Best Undertaking

Bses Yamuna
Maharashtra State Electricity Board

North Delhi Power Limited
Reliance Energy Ltd

Indraprastha Gas Limited
Tata Power Company Limited

Torrent Power AEC Limited
Torrent Power Limited – Bhiwandi

Adani Energy Limited
Mahanagar Gas Limited

Bangalore Electicity Supply Company
M.P. State Electricity Board

Corporation of Chennai (COC)
CESC Limited

Do you know how to use Airtel Money ? Click here to know about how to use Airtel Money.

Key Lime Pie - Android update

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Google is working on the new desert-themed update "Key Lime Pie" for its mobile operating system Android. The new update of Android will be available to consumers next year. The code name of most recently released version of android system is "Ice Cream Sandwich". It was released in October alongside the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the latest in Google's own flagship line of handsets, which it uses to promote major updates to Android. Android's first version, Ice Cream Sandwich was designed to work on both smartphones and tablets. An earlier release, code named "Honeycomb" had created separate software for each class of device. Google is also expected to introduce a version of Android called "Jelly Bean". Lets see when these updates will be available for users.Hope to get these updates soon.........

Iphone Jailbreak Wizard

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This Wizard will help you to find out if your apple device can be Jailbroken and unlock or not. You can check your iPhone, iPad, ipod or Apple TV whether it can be unlock after jailbreak or not. Please don't forget to share it with your friends.