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Google Play - New Service by Google

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Google Play Logo
Google Play
Google has launched a new service Google Play.Google Play is all about movies,music,books,android apps and games.Some of these apps are free while others are paid.Search giant has added a new tab on its home page with name Play.It is linked with Google Play.
Google has launched this service to compete with Apple's cloud.You can purchase music ,movies or apps and play them on web for your android device.You need a Google account to sign in and a android device linked with your account.Google Play is not fully available in all countries.Music option is available only for US visitors similarly movies are available only in US, UK Canada and Japan.Google is working on adding more countries and we hope soon all services will be available worldwide.Below are some of the services offered in Google Play.
Google Play Music
There are hundreds of free songs  and millions of paid songs.You can easily create the playlist of songs. The music you choose is automatically stored in your Google Play music library and instantly ready to play on your computer, Android phone or tablet.You can easily listen music on web or on your android device with the help of Google Play music app.You can also play music offline.With the help of Google+ You can also share music with your friend for free listen.Means your friend needs not to purchase the same music.
For now Google Play music is available only in US.
Google Play Games/Apps
Google Play offers free as well as paid android applications.Applications are grouped by top selling paid and free apps.All these apps are categorized to make it easy for user to find the game of his/her interest.Angry Bird Space,Talking tom cat,iPhone 4s screen and solar charger are some of top free android applications.While where is my water by Disney,cut the rope by Zeptolab,Draw Something by OMGPOP are some of the top paid android applications.
Google Play Movies
You can rent movies and watch them instantly.You can also download it to watch it later.All you need is Google Play movie app.There will be thousands of movies to be choose from.Movies will include HD title, new releases, award-winning films and classics films.
For Now movies are only available in US, UK, Canada and Japan.
Google Play Books
Google play books has the largest collection of eBooks of your favorite authors.There are over 4 millions of books to choose from.Millions of free eBooks are also available.
For Now movies are only available in US, UK, Canada and Australia.

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