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50% OFF on Hostgator Hosting Services

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Hostgator Hosting Services  has announced Black Friday 2011 Special Offer and is offering 50% discount on its all hosting services.Hostgator has offered this service as Black Friday Promotion offer.
This promotion will bring our already competitive hosting packages as low as:
Shared hosting: As low as $4.95 Now only: $2.48/month (pre-paid)
Reseller Hosting: As low as $24.95 Now Only: $12.48/month (pre-paid)
VPS Hosting: As low as $19.95 Now Only: $9.98/month (First Month)
Dedicated Servers: As low as $174 Now Only $87/month (First Month)
This is an incredible deal and it will only run for 1 DAY!  

Go to Hostgator.com and purchase hosting now.

Be advised the promotion will begin just after midnight, Friday, November 25th, 2011 Central Standard Time (-6 GMT). The special offer will run until 11:59PM CST Friday, November 25th, 2011.

Iphone IOS 5 Upagrade Errors 3002 & 3200 Fix

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If you have been trying to upgrade your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to the all-new iOS 5 but getting unknown errors with codes that read like 3200 or 3002, here’s one possible solution.
I have used the same technique to update my iPad 1 and iPad 2 with iOS 5 and the software installed without any problems.
First you need to download the iOS 5 IPSW files from the Apple servers. Click the link that corresponds to your iOS5 device - iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 GSM, iPhone 4 CDMA, iPad (original), iPad 2 WiFi, iPad 2 GSM, iPad 2 CDMA. Remember that IPSW files are 700+ MB in size so you should probably use a download manager that can resume broken downloads.
Once the firmware file has downloaded, close the iTunes software and also disconnect your iPhone / iPad  from the computer. Next copy and paste the IPSW file to the following location:
On Windows:
%APPDATA%\Apple Computer\iTunes\iP{one|ad|od} Software Updates
On Mac:
~/Library/iTunes/iP{one|ad|od} Software Updates
Now plug-in your iOS device to the computer using the USB cable, launch iTunes and click Update to upgrade your device to iOS 5. This time it will directly pick the local .ipsw files and the upgrade should happen without any issues.
You can also upgrade the iOS firmware manually by holding down Shift while pressing the Update but for some reason, this approach always resulted in same 3200 and 3002 errors.

How to Clean Your Computer's Registry

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How to Clean Your Computer's Registry

The Windows Registry is an enormous batch of files containing information about almost everything that occurs on the computer, from a visit to a Web site to a program installation. The registry also contains information about drivers and other essential programs, like DLLs -- small helper programs that often work with more than one application. This information is stored in the form of "keys" that help programs run. It's like a big blueprint for where everything goes on your computer and how it all fits together. Only computers running Windows operating systems have registries, and despite rumors to the contrary, Windows 7 will have a registry. A registry may have hundreds of thousands of entries, and new entries are created all the time. As it fills with information, the registry may cause a computer's performance to suffer. One problem is that Windows almost never removes registry entries, even if a program is uninstalled, as most uninstallers aren't able to effectively remove their own registry keys. And as files are moved around and programs are uninstalled, some registry keys point to programs or files that no longer exist or are located elsewhere. Fortunately, these errors don't have to be tolerated. The registry can be cleaned up, though not completely. And for your troubles, you may get better performance and decreased boot time. Some satisfied users report fewer instances of lag or Windows hanging (when the computer isn't responding). The exact performance boost varies depending on the state of the registry and the effectiveness of the cleaner program employed. You may also free up disk space, although most registry entries are very small. Registry cleaning is not without risks. This is a very sensitive area of your computer, and if you're happy with how your computer is running, don't go digging around. Trying to manually edit your registry can create errors in the registry that make it impossible to load Windows. Some registry-cleaning programs have been known to delete important registry keys or essential DLL files. And the performance improvements may be negligible, while running the program and approving each recommended deletion could take hours. In addition, reliable data on how registry cleaners affect performance are almost impossible to find. Most "performance tests" are actually produced by the developers of registry-cleaning tools. Despite these concerns, it is­ possible to clean out some of the registry's gunk, and your computer may be better off for it. On the next page, we'll take a look at how to go about this delicate job.

Hostgator Released new Discount Coupon Code for New Year 2012

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Hostgator Coupon Code 2012  for 25% OFF  

It is a great news for you if you are planning to buy a hosting for your website.HostGator has released new coupon codes by using which you can get 25 percent discount on your new purchase of  hosting.

Hostgator Coupon Code 2012  for 25% OFF is 2012giftcode

Just copy the code 2012giftcode and paste it into the coupon code text box at the time of purchase.That's it.
You can see a benefit of 25% in your shopping cart (billing).
So go to Hostgator and enjoy the new discount coupon.Hurry before the offer closes.

Add Speech Recognition to input boxes in HTML

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Google search text box has a voice recognition feature which is very helpful for inputting long sentences and difficult words.
This feature can be brought to normal input textboxes also. But this feature works only in browsers which use the webkit rendering engine (ex: Google Chrome version 11 and above).
In order to add he voice input feature, the attribute x-webkit-speech should be added to the input boxes.


<input type="text" x-webkit-speech speech />
This will add a “Mic” icon to the input box. After clicking the mic, the user can talk to input the data.
Below is the live example.

The onwebkitspeechchange attribute: There is a attribute called “onwebkitspeechchange” which allows to trigger a javascript event when the voice input is over. Example

<script type="text/javascript">
function voiceInputOver(val){
     alert("Voice input is complete");
     alert("Your input is " + val);
<input onwebkitspeechchange="voiceInputOver(this.value)" x-webkit-speech />