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Google Challanges Facebook with Google+

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Google plus +

Google has announced its new social network site Google+.The Internet search engine introduced Google+ social network for what it called 'real-life sharing.'Google said its social network will meet the most basic human needs to connect with others.
For now Google+ is available by invitation only.

Recent studies and surveys shows that Facebook has become the number one in online advertising leaving behind Google.In May, 180 million people visited Google sites, including YouTube, versus 157.2 million on Facebook, according to comScore. But Facebook users looked at 103 billion pages and spent an average of 375 minutes on the site, while Google users viewed 46.3 billion pages and spent 231 minutes.Google already owns a social network site called Orkut.Though it has a large number of users but as can't compete with Facebook.It lacks many advance features that a Facebook user can have. That is why to compete with Facebook,Google announces its new social media network Google Plus.

Features Of Google Plus
Google Plus features

1)Profile + Circles: You have your own profile, of course and you can invite friends, but Google+ also has the added ability to easily group friends together in a detailed or haphazard way. Once grouped, you can communicate with entire members of each group separately or together or any which way you please.

2)Stream + Sparks: This is Google’s version of the News Feed, but it can be filtered in more ways than Facebook’s feed, even allowing you to share “sparks” or special interests you have (like my love of movies and tech, for example) with friends who are interested in your obsessions.

3)Hangouts + Huddle: Facebook added chat, but Google is taking it a step further, allowing as many as four people to have open video chats with one another and just hang out with one another. Huddles offer a chat client for mobile and Web users to chat with one another, if text is your thing.

4)Photos: Google is working on integrating its Picasa photo service directly into Google+, allowing you to take a photo on your phone and have it auto upload to a private section of your profile, where you can unlock it to share with everyone at your leisure. Without saying it, Google just launched a full cloud-based photo storage system for Android and iOS (Google+ is pending approval from Apple, but will be on the App Store soon).

Reasons Why Google Plus will Succeed
Google + has many new exciting features.
Google knows the limitations of Facebook.Therefore we are going to get more advance features and technology in Google Plus.
You can integrate Google Plus almost everywhere
Google has a dedicated team of developers which is one of the best developer team of the world.So you can expect more from them.
You can instantly share your photos,videos with Google + in a single click.

Top 100 Websites of 2011 : Ranked by Google

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Top 100 Websites of 2011
Top 100 Websites of 2011

There are trillions of websites on the internet.Some of them has a few user while other have a large number of users.Google is the most widely used search engine of the world.Now Google has now released a list of top 100 websites which has maximum number of users.Facebook has got first rank in the list of 1000 sites worldwide.It has nearly 880,000,000 .YouTube got second position with 800,000,000 unique visitors followed by Yahoo which has nearly 660,000,000 unique visitors.
Below Checkout the list of top 1000 sites worldwide:-
Rank Site Category Unique Visitors (users) Reach Page Views Has Advertising
1 facebook.com Social Networks 880,000,000 47.2% 910,000,000,000 Yes
2 youtube.com Online Video 800,000,000 42.7% 100,000,000,000 Yes
3 yahoo.com Web Portals 660,000,000 35.3% 77,000,000,000 Yes
4 live.com Search Engines 550,000,000 29.3% 36,000,000,000 Yes
5 wikipedia.org Dictionaries & Encyclopedias 490,000,000 26.2% 7,000,000,000 No
6 msn.com Web Portals 450,000,000 24% 15,000,000,000 Yes
7 blogspot.com Blogging Resources & Services 410,000,000 21.9% 5,400,000,000 Yes
8 baidu.com Search Engines 340,000,000 18% 110,000,000,000 Yes
9 bing.com Search Engines 340,000,000 18.3% 11,000,000,000 Yes
10 microsoft.com Software 340,000,000 18.3% 2,700,000,000 Yes
11 qq.com Web Portals 280,000,000 15% 44,000,000,000 Yes
12 ask.com Search Engines 210,000,000 11.2% 2,000,000,000 Yes
13 taobao.com Classifieds 190,000,000 10.3% 30,000,000,000 Yes
14 adobe.com Multimedia Software 170,000,000 9.2% 1,000,000,000 No
15 wordpress.com Blogging Resources & Services 170,000,000 9.2% 1,000,000,000 Yes
16 twitter.com Email & Messaging 160,000,000 8.4% 6,000,000,000 Yes
17 youku.com Online Video 160,000,000 8.4% 3,600,000,000 Yes
18 soso.com Search Engines 160,000,000 8.4% 3,600,000,000 No
19 sohu.com Web Portals 140,000,000 7.6% 5,900,000,000 Yes
20 163.com Web Portals 140,000,000 7.7% 6,500,000,000 Yes
21 windows.com Windows OS 130,000,000 7% 540,000,000 Yes
22 hao123.com Web Portals 120,000,000 6.3% 7,200,000,000 Yes
23 tudou.com Online Video 120,000,000 6.3% 2,700,000,000 Yes
24 amazon.com Shopping 120,000,000 6.3% 4,400,000,000 Yes
25 apple.com Mac OS 110,000,000 5.8% 1,100,000,000 Yes
26 ebay.com Auctions 110,000,000 5.8% 10,000,000,000 Yes
27 sogou.com Search Engines 89,000,000 4.8% 2,300,000,000 Yes
28 mozilla.com Internet Clients & Browsers 87,000,000 4.7% 590,000,000 No
29 yahoo.co.jp Web Portals 87,000,000 4.7% 30,000,000,000 Yes
30 paypal.com Merchant Services & Payment Systems 82,000,000 4.4% 1,700,000,000 Yes
31 tmall.com Apparel 81,000,000 4.3% 2,100,000,000 Yes
32 go.com Web Portals 81,000,000 4.4% 3,300,000,000 Yes
33 about.com How-To‚ DIY & Expert Content 81,000,000 4.3% 600,000,000 Yes
34 flickr.com Photo & Image Sharing 81,000,000 4.3% 1,700,000,000 Yes
35 56.com Online Media 80,000,000 4.3% 1,100,000,000 Yes
36 4399.com Online Games 80,000,000 4.3% 4,800,000,000 Yes
37 linkedin.com Social Networks 74,000,000 4% 2,300,000,000 Yes
38 xunlei.com File Sharing & Hosting 74,000,000 4% 2,000,000,000 Yes
39 dailymotion.com Online Media 73,000,000 3.9% 810,000,000 Yes
40 aol.com Web Portals 72,000,000 3.9% 5,300,000,000 Yes
41 orkut.com Social Networks 72,000,000 3.9% 4,400,000,000 Yes
42 ku6.com Online Media 68,000,000 3.6% 540,000,000 Yes
43 bbc.co.uk World News 67,000,000 3.6% 2,700,000,000 Yes
44 pps.tv Online Video 67,000,000 3.6% 540,000,000 Yes
45 orkut.com.br Social Networks 67,000,000 3.6% 53,000,000,000 No
46 cnet.com Consumer Electronics 67,000,000 3.6% 450,000,000 Yes
47 craigslist.org Classifieds 66,000,000 3.5% 24,000,000,000 No
48 ehow.com How-To‚ DIY & Expert Content 61,000,000 3.3% 280,000,000 Yes
49 weather.com Weather 61,000,000 3.2% 1,200,000,000 Yes
50 4shared.com File Sharing & Hosting 60,000,000 3.2% 2,500,000,000 Yes
51 imdb.com Movie Reference 60,000,000 3.2% 1,200,000,000 Yes
52 myspace.com
60,000,000 3.2% 1,500,000,000 Yes
53 answers.com General Reference 60,000,000 3.2% 250,000,000 Yes
54 fc2.com Web Services 59,000,000 3.2% 3,300,000,000 Yes
55 mywebsearch.com Search Engines 56,000,000 3% 1,200,000,000 Yes
56 mail.ru Email & Messaging 55,000,000 2.9% 19,000,000,000 Yes
57 7k7k.com Casual Games 55,000,000 3% 4,000,000,000 Yes
58 uol.com.br Web Portals 55,000,000 3% 5,400,000,000 Yes
59 gocsgo.com
55,000,000 2.9% 180,000,000 No
60 alibaba.com Import & Export 54,000,000 2.9% 1,100,000,000 Yes
61 skype.com Voice & Video Chat 54,000,000 2.9% 490,000,000 Yes
62 badoo.com Dating & Personals 51,000,000 2.7% 5,900,000,000 Yes
63 scribd.com Social Networks 51,000,000 2.7% 160,000,000 Yes
64 cnn.com Broadcast & Network News 50,000,000 2.7% 1,300,000,000 Yes
65 soku.com Online Video 50,000,000 2.7% 780,000,000 Yes
66 babylon.com Translation Tools & Resources 50,000,000 2.7% 790,000,000 Yes
67 yandex.ru Search Engines 46,000,000 2.5% 14,000,000,000 Yes
68 2345.com Web Portals 45,000,000 2.4% 2,100,000,000 Yes
69 renren.com Social Networks 45,000,000 2.4% 3,300,000,000 Yes
70 megaupload.com File Sharing & Hosting 45,000,000 2.4% 490,000,000 Yes
71 alot.com Web Apps & Online Tools 45,000,000 2.4% 490,000,000 Yes
72 hp.com Computer Hardware 45,000,000 2.4% 660,000,000 Yes
73 rakuten.co.jp Shopping Portals & Search Engines 45,000,000 2.4% 4,000,000,000 Yes
74 goo.ne.jp Web Portals 45,000,000 2.4% 870,000,000 Yes
75 netflix.com DVD & Video Rentals 45,000,000 2.4% 2,500,000,000 Yes
76 softonic.com Software 45,000,000 2.4% 370,000,000 Yes
77 blogger.com Blogging Resources & Services 42,000,000 2.2% 1,100,000,000 No
78 360.cn Antivirus & Malware 42,000,000 2.2% 800,000,000 No
79 alipay.com Merchant Services & Payment Systems 42,000,000 2.3% 2,000,000,000 Yes
80 globo.com Web Portals 41,000,000 2.2% 3,000,000,000 Yes
81 photobucket.com Photo & Video Sharing 41,000,000 2.2% 600,000,000 Yes
82 bankofamerica.com Banking 41,000,000 2.2% 2,500,000,000 Yes
83 discoverbing.com Search Engines 41,000,000 2.2% 170,000,000 Yes
84 mediafire.com File Sharing & Hosting 41,000,000 2.2% 370,000,000 Yes
85 partypoker.com
41,000,000 2.2% 130,000,000 Yes
86 camzap.com Webcams & Virtual Tours 41,000,000 2.2% 140,000,000 No
87 ameblo.jp Blogging Resources & Services 41,000,000 2.2% 1,700,000,000 Yes
88 odnoklassniki.ru Social Networks 38,000,000 2% 14,000,000,000 Yes
89 terra.com.br News 38,000,000 2% 1,700,000,000 Yes
90 naver.com Search Engines 38,000,000 2% 23,000,000,000 Yes
91 zynga.com Casual Games 38,000,000 2% 780,000,000 Yes
92 amazon.co.jp Entertainment Media 38,000,000 2% 1,300,000,000 No
93 vkontakte.ru Social Networks 38,000,000 2% 92,000,000,000 No
94 imageshack.us
38,000,000 2% 210,000,000 Yes
95 youdao.com Blogging Resources & Services 38,000,000 2% 280,000,000 Yes
96 pconline.com.cn Local News 38,000,000 2% 450,000,000 Yes
97 58.com Classifieds 37,000,000 2% 960,000,000 Yes
98 chase.com Banking 37,000,000 2% 2,500,000,000 Yes
99 mapquest.com Maps 37,000,000 2% 210,000,000 Yes
100 xinhuanet.com News 37,000,000 2% 870,000,000 Yes

iOS 5 beta 2 Download Now Available

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Apple iOS 5 beta 2 Download Now Available

Apple iOS 5 beta 2

Apple has just released the iOS 5 beta 2 version.This is the next version of its mobile operating system for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches.This version is available for developers for now and If you're paying $99/year for a developer's account than you can download it right now.This new version of OS includes a bunch of bug fixes and wireless syncing, but no word yet on everything that Apple has packed into this release.

This new version includes the integration of iPhone,iPads and iPods with Apple's new service "music Cloud".Many other bugs are also fixed in this latest beta version.

Click here for full list of changes.

200 DoFollow Links from PR8 Sites For Free

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Professionals who are doing Search Engine Optimization work knows the importence of DoFollow links.For new bloggers and web researchers who don't know about the value of Dofollow links,I wold like to explain a bit.

Google has changed its policy and updated its search engine algorithm.New Search algorithm known as Panda, gives wightage only to sites with fresh and unique content.Second thing which it check to give priority to websites is links.It checks the number of Dofollow links which a site have.
More the number of Dofollow links more your website will be given importence,and it will be shown in the first page of Google search.

Here are I am providing two links to different files each of which contains 100 links of websites which allow you to insert your website link (dofollow) in the form of comment.These sites have PR8 to PR3.You can also increase your site's pagerank by commenting on these websites.Please be responible.Do not spam.Comment only related to articles.Below are links to files. Download both files.Enjoy..........

100 Dofollow links from PR8 to PR4 sites

100 Dofollow links from PR6 to PR2 sites

You will get a message to complete the survey to download a file.Survey takes few minutes to complete and I recommend to complete at least one survey as this site is providing a free file hosting.You can also create a free account on this site and upload unlimited number of files on this hosting.Click here to create a free account on this site.

UPDATE : I got another list of dofollow links from PR8 to PR3 sites.Download PDF files from these links :
150 Do Follow Links from PR7 to PR3 sites
200 Do Follow Links from PR7 to PR3 sites

300 Do Follow Links from PR8 to PR3 sites

I will post more links soon.So keep in touch.

How to Add Favicon to Blogger Blog

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Add Favicon to Blogger Blog
Bogger has introduced a new and easy way to add Favicon to your Blogger Blog.If you don't know about favicon than read this article about favicon.
favicon of information ground

In one of the old ways to add favicon you have to add some html code into your template in the head section.
<link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" href="/favicon.ico">

It requires some html knowledge to add this code to your blogspot blog.
But now Blogger has create a simple way to add Favicon to your blog.You don't need any html knowledge.Just follow these simple steps to add favicon.

1)If you have created a favicon than proceed to step 2 otherwise click here to know how to create a new favicon online.  

2) Once your favicon is created, Login into Blogger Draft.Remember this feature is not available in simple blogger login.Just click here to login into blogger draft.

3) After you are logged in ,click on Design in the top menu bar.You will see a new window with an option to add /edit favicon.(See image)

favicon of information ground

4)Click on edit and a pop up will open.Now add favicon generate in step first.

In this way you can easily add favicon to your blog with no Html Knowledge.This also helps to your website to stand distinctly among other bookmarks.

Create Favicon Online

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Do you know about favicon ? If you are a webdesigner or use internet frequently than you must be aware of favicon.Favicon is an icon of your website that is displayed with title in the titlebar and next to the URL in the browser.It is a small image file which has extension .ico .The size of favicon image is 32X32 pixel or 48X48 pixel. Favicon creates an identity of your Website among many bookmarks.For example whe you bookmark our blog,you will see following image with title/url :
favicon of information ground

There are some websites which helps you to generate Favicon for your website online.Below I have mentioned some of these websites.Checkout and create a new favion for your website online.

Dynamic Drive :
On this site you can create 32X32 pixel and 48X48 pixel size favicion.You need to upload a image of which you want favicon.It is simple to use and is popular one.
This site helps to create favicon with the help of image and you can also draw a new favicon by yourself.It provides an option for animated icon also.
Favicon generator
This site provide similar option as the favicon.cc site.Along with those 2 options it has a gallery of previoulsy created favicon.You can choose from them and save your time.

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Watch Bollywood Movies Online Free

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Watch Bollywood Movies Online Free
Youtube Boxoffice
Now you can watch Bollywood movies Online free.Youtube has launched a new channel Youtube BoxOffice which will show a new Bollywood Blockbuster every month.

This month you can watch "Band Baja Barati",bollywood movie for free on youtube channel.
I have embedded this video on my blog an d you can watch this movie directly here.

To watch a Bollywood movie for free online,you just need a computer/laptop or mobile/ipad with internet connection.Just go to Youtube BoxOffice and enjoy the full length Bollywood movie for free.There are many Bollywood Blockbuster movie which you can watch for free.Link for some of these Bollywood Movies are:-

Turning 30

The Box Office channel is sponsored by Intel .These movies include 15-second video ads that play after every 10 minutes of the movie.Bollywood movies are 2 hrs longer, so there could be 10 - 15 breaks in a full movie.Google might be sharing this ads money with Producer of the movie.

To watch some Bollywood movies by Yashraj Company ,you might need to sign in to YouTube account.You can watch all these Bollywood movies for free.So go there and look for your favourite movie and start watching it for free.Enjoy...........

Window 8 - First Look

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Window 8 - First Look

Window 8

Microsoft has finally released first look of Window 8.There were rumors about Window 8 from long time.Everyday some new features of WIndow 8 were talked about.

New interface of Windows 8 looks similar to Windows Phone-like interface.
Start Menu is replaced with start page which shows tile based user interface just similar to interface in Window Phone.

From new start Page interface of WIndow 8, you can quickly launch full-screen, HTML5-powered apps, switch between them, and even snap them to the sides of the screen for true, side-by-side touch screen multitasking.

Following features of Window 8 are revealed by Microsoft:-

Tile based Start Screen for fast application launch.It will replace windows Start Menu and have customizable size for application's Icon.
It will show all updates for your applications.

Switching between running application is more natural.You can snap and resize an app to side of the screen for better multitasking.

Web-connected and Web-powered apps built using HTML5 and JavaScript that have access to the full power of the PC.

New Internet Browser 10 for better web experience and touch screen capability.
Look out the video showing the new interface of window 8

Sony Pictures Hacked - 1,000,000 Passwords Stolen

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Sony Pictures Hacked - 1,000,000 Passwords Stolen
Sony Pictures Hacked

Sony troubles are continuing with this latest hack.This time sonypictures.com is hacked by Lulz Securities.Lulz Securities claims to stole the personal information of over 1,000,000 users from sonypictures.com

Lulz Securities hacked sonypictures.com

Lulz claims the hack was performed with a simple SQL injection - just like before sony website was hacked.Hacked data was posted online which contains email and password of more than 50,000 Sony Picture users.In addition to user information, the group has blurted out over 20,000 Sony music coupons, and the admin database (including email addresses and passwords) for BMG Belgium employees.

While Sony is working on Restoration of Playstation network,this hack is surley going to increase the touble of Sony's IT department.Faith of users in Sony is compromised again.Sony may loose a large number of its online customers after this series of Hacks.