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Create Favicon Online

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Do you know about favicon ? If you are a webdesigner or use internet frequently than you must be aware of favicon.Favicon is an icon of your website that is displayed with title in the titlebar and next to the URL in the browser.It is a small image file which has extension .ico .The size of favicon image is 32X32 pixel or 48X48 pixel. Favicon creates an identity of your Website among many bookmarks.For example whe you bookmark our blog,you will see following image with title/url :
favicon of information ground

There are some websites which helps you to generate Favicon for your website online.Below I have mentioned some of these websites.Checkout and create a new favion for your website online.

Dynamic Drive :
On this site you can create 32X32 pixel and 48X48 pixel size favicion.You need to upload a image of which you want favicon.It is simple to use and is popular one.
This site helps to create favicon with the help of image and you can also draw a new favicon by yourself.It provides an option for animated icon also.
Favicon generator
This site provide similar option as the favicon.cc site.Along with those 2 options it has a gallery of previoulsy created favicon.You can choose from them and save your time.

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