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200 DoFollow Links from PR8 Sites For Free

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Professionals who are doing Search Engine Optimization work knows the importence of DoFollow links.For new bloggers and web researchers who don't know about the value of Dofollow links,I wold like to explain a bit.

Google has changed its policy and updated its search engine algorithm.New Search algorithm known as Panda, gives wightage only to sites with fresh and unique content.Second thing which it check to give priority to websites is links.It checks the number of Dofollow links which a site have.
More the number of Dofollow links more your website will be given importence,and it will be shown in the first page of Google search.

Here are I am providing two links to different files each of which contains 100 links of websites which allow you to insert your website link (dofollow) in the form of comment.These sites have PR8 to PR3.You can also increase your site's pagerank by commenting on these websites.Please be responible.Do not spam.Comment only related to articles.Below are links to files. Download both files.Enjoy..........

100 Dofollow links from PR8 to PR4 sites

100 Dofollow links from PR6 to PR2 sites

You will get a message to complete the survey to download a file.Survey takes few minutes to complete and I recommend to complete at least one survey as this site is providing a free file hosting.You can also create a free account on this site and upload unlimited number of files on this hosting.Click here to create a free account on this site.

UPDATE : I got another list of dofollow links from PR8 to PR3 sites.Download PDF files from these links :
150 Do Follow Links from PR7 to PR3 sites
200 Do Follow Links from PR7 to PR3 sites

300 Do Follow Links from PR8 to PR3 sites

I will post more links soon.So keep in touch.

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  1. yes,It is real.Download the file and add the comment with link to your site.But be genuine........Don't Spam.

  2. Not it's not. Nothing there other than redirect html link to encourage hotfile sign up.
    In short - SPAM

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Fake just sign up spam.

  5. thanks for the info but is this real news

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