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How to Add Favicon to Blogger Blog

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Add Favicon to Blogger Blog
Bogger has introduced a new and easy way to add Favicon to your Blogger Blog.If you don't know about favicon than read this article about favicon.
favicon of information ground

In one of the old ways to add favicon you have to add some html code into your template in the head section.
<link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" href="/favicon.ico">

It requires some html knowledge to add this code to your blogspot blog.
But now Blogger has create a simple way to add Favicon to your blog.You don't need any html knowledge.Just follow these simple steps to add favicon.

1)If you have created a favicon than proceed to step 2 otherwise click here to know how to create a new favicon online.  

2) Once your favicon is created, Login into Blogger Draft.Remember this feature is not available in simple blogger login.Just click here to login into blogger draft.

3) After you are logged in ,click on Design in the top menu bar.You will see a new window with an option to add /edit favicon.(See image)

favicon of information ground

4)Click on edit and a pop up will open.Now add favicon generate in step first.

In this way you can easily add favicon to your blog with no Html Knowledge.This also helps to your website to stand distinctly among other bookmarks.

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