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Sony PlayStation Network Starting Again

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Sony Playstation Network Starting Again
Sony Playstation Network

Sony Corporation Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai announced that they have restored the Sony PlayStation network after hackers attack on Sony network.

Sony PlayStaion network was down because hackers hack the Sony network and stole the information of more than 24 million users.Hacked information of users(name,address) was posted on a website.This hacked data was removed by Sony a week ago.

Talking about the restoring of PlayStation network,Sony Corporation Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai said that restoring is done in phases and we are happy to announce that first phase is launched in many regions around the world.The mandatory PlayStation 3 system update (v3.61) is currently available.Sony expects to restore the network fully by 31st May.All PSN and Qirocity users will receive a “Welcome Back” package once their PSN access is restored. Users in the US can check this map to see whether service has been restored to their state or not.

In phase one of restoring Sony PlayStation netwrok following services are updated :
  • PlayStation Home
  • Playback rental service
  • Access to third party services like Netflix and Hulu
  • Video Delivery Service for PS3, PSP and MediaGo devices
  • Friends List, Chat and Trophy Comparison on PS3
Hirai apologies for the service inconvinience and said that they have update the whole PlayStation network.Data security system are updated and are now more secure.

Watch Hirai announcing the Restart of Sony Playstation Network

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