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Create Poll on Facebook

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Create Poll on Facebook

Few days ago I write a post about how to earn on Facebook.Now I am going to explain how to create Polls on Facebook and how you can use these poll or surveys to interact with your readers.Facebook is the biggest social networking website of the world.You might have seen the polls asking you about your opinion on Facebook.These polls might be created by your friend or any other website which you are following.

By creating poll you can create a get the valuable feedback of your readers.If you have a website and a fan page of that website on Facebook than Poll can be proved as a great way to get feeedabck of your readers about your website or any product that you have launched.It could be a great way to know what your readers want.There is no use of posting if your readers are not interesting in reading them.

Question is how to create a Poll on Facebook.There are many application which help you to create Poll or survey on Facebook.

Poll for Facebook is one of the simple best and free option to create a online survey on Facebook.
Poll on Facebook
"Poll For Facebook" provides many options like radio button for single answer,text box for asking users to write answer and checkbox for multiple answer selection.This means you can specify if you want answers as single choice,multiple choice, text or a comment thread. You can modify HTML of your Poll and can Add Image to Poll on Facebook also (premium users only).

Facebook Questions is the inbuilt option in Facebook for asking questions.It is situated on the left panel of your Facebook Page.
Poll on Facebook
It provides a simple way to add poll and doesn't have much advance option like Poll for Facebook.

Poll Daddy Polls is another Facebook application with which you can easily create Polls.You can add up to 30 answers for a question in Poll Daddy Polls.There is a option to add images with your answers.You can add links in your question and some basic HTML.

Using these Applications you can easily create Poll and Survey on Facebook and can know what your readers want.

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