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How To Make WordPress URLs SEO Friendly

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How to Make Wordpress URLs SEO Friendly
Wordpress search engine optimization

WordPress is the most widely used CMS for blogging.If someone wants to run his/her own blog than WordPress is first choice.Reason is a number of available free templates, plugins and ease of use.Another reason to choose WordPress as blogging software is its easy search engine optimization(SEO).There are number of free plugin available for search engine optimization of your Wordpress Blog.
Wordpress Setting

One of the basic step of Search Engine Optimization is to make SEO friendly URLs.By doing so we can increase the number of visitors to our blog.By default a wordpress create URLs like this :
  • http://www.yourwordpressblog.com/?p=1
where "p" denote the post.Now it is not optimized for search engine.This URL doesn't give any information about the content of the post.
To make WordPress URLs SEO friendly,Follow these steps :-
  • 1)  Login to your Wordpress Admin Panel
  • 2)  Click on "Settings" in the left pane of WordPress Blog Dashboard   (See image on right side for reference).
  • 3)  Now click "Permalinks" under the "Setting" Menu (See image on right side for reference).
  • 4) Now on right side under the "Common settings" in "Permalink Settings" page ,check the radio button next to "Custom Structure".Copy the code written in box below and paste it in the text box next to custom structure.

    (See image below for reference).
  • Wordpress Setting for SEO Friendly URLs
  • 5) Save Changes
You are done.Now your WordPress blog will show URLs like this
  • http://www.yourwordpressblog.com/your-post-title
These are SEO friendly URLs for your WordPress Blog.

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