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Google Music Cloud Player

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Google Music Cloud Player
Google Music Cloud Player
Google Music Cloud Player
Google Launched its much awaited service Google Music Beta Cloud Player on Tuseday.New service aims to provide all your music songs everywhere you go.

You can upload upto 20,000 songs and play those songs in web browser of your desktop or music player of Android.New features like Genius or thumbs up and thumbs down for easy shuffling of music file will be added soon.

Currently Google Music beta is available only in United States.You have to get an invite to service.You can sign up for the beta at music.google.com.After you sign up,service will ask you for your favorite genres of Music.Than service will provide you some free song packs to try out that match your tastes. It will be helpful to see how the player works before you go uploading all your music. Once it's done, it'll prompt you to download the Music Manager to start uploading your music.

Watch Music Beta by Google Introduction Video

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