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New Computer For Just $25

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New Computer For Just $25

New Computer For Just $25

David Braben has created an new computer which cost just $25.David Braben is a British game developer and co-founder of Frontier Developments.
The ultra-low cost computer developed by David is of the size of a USB stick and is called Raspberry Pi.

Speaking about his invention David said the he has developed this low cost PC to create interest about computer programming in school childrens.

This smallest PC has HDMI port on one side and a USB port on other side.Talking about configureation, The computer has a 700MHz ARM11 processor with 128MB of SDRAM.

Ubuntu Operating system can be installed in the system which will provide OpenOffice,Mozila Firefox etc. to work with.With the help of Raspberry Pi system, childrens can easily connect to social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter.Also they can learn simple office work with Raspberry Pi.

David Braben has created this computer for school kids and hope to produce little computer within year.Raspberry Pi Foundation, a new charitable organization, will distribute these systems.

Watch Braben showing and explaining about ultra low cost computer


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