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How To Boost Traffic To Your Blog

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How to Boost Traffic To Your Blog
How to Boost Traffic To Your Blog
How to Boost Traffic To Your Blog
There are billions of blogs on Internet.Everyday many new blogs are created.Out of all these blogs only some get success.Reason for failure is not duplicate or boring content.Only reason for their failure is lack of audience.There is little or no traffic to their blog.

To make your blog popular you need traffic to your blog.Good content is of no use if nobody is reading it. You can get traffic to your blog by following some simple rules.Below are the tips with which you can increase traffic to your blog and make your blog popular.
First and best rule to get traffic to your blog is to create fresh content.Nobody wants to read same type of content again and again.Take some time to think about the topics on which you wants to write.Search on Google that there is not enough material already on web.Google is still hungry for fresh content and will surely place you on first page if content is unique and fresh.

Submit Blog to Search Engines.After creating fresh, unique and interesting content,second step for getting traffic is submitting your blog to search engines.Submit your blog to major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.If your content is unique, fresh and properly marketed than you will get huge traffic from these search engines.

Make your article interesting.You can give real life example or any other interesting facts which will keep readers bounded to the post/article of your blog. Reader will be interested in new content that you will post later.

Do Article Marketing.You can submit articles to different article directories.There are number of blogs which offers Guest Posting.You can write article for these websites.This will make you popular and also help you to get a backlink for your blog.Backlinks are very helpful in increasing PageRank.
Join social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, Twitter and a many others.You can join groups with same interest and can share your articles and views with them.These social networking sites play a vital role in advertising your blog for free.

Use RSS Feeds.Enable the option of RSS feeds on your blog so that readers can subscribe to your feed and get email updates when new content is posted. It is a easy way to get in touch with your loyal readers and to inform them about new content on your blog.

Join Forums. Become a active member of forums (same or different niche than your blog).It will help you to meet new people.Many forums allow to include your blog link as signature, so it is an easy way to promote our blog and get Backlinks.

Read other blogs.By reading other blogs you will get knowledge about new trends.You can comment on interesting posts which will help you to get backlinks.Commenting on sites with Commentluv plugin installed, helps to spread the link of your latest posts.

Write with keeping SEO in mind.Use relevant keywords whenever you write.Keyword density should be between three to ten percent .It will be helpful for getting higher page rankings in search engines. Don't ever fill your page with only keywords as Google algorithm will detect it and can ban the page for spam.

Social Bookmarking.Provide social bookmarking icons on your posts.With the help of it your readers can share your blog pages on different social sites.It will increase the popularity of your blog.

Final rule to get traffic for your blog is to be patient.Keep patience as traffic to your blog will not boost in one day.It will take some time to get desired traffic to your blog.

Follow the rules written above and keep posting good articles.You can definitely boost your blog traffic.

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