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HP Veer 4G Features Specifications Price

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HP Veer 4G Features Specifications Price
HP Veer 4G
HP Veer 4G available on AT&T from 15 May for $ 99.99
HP Veer 4G

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has entered into business of smartphones with announcement of HP Veer 4G.This smartphone with Palm's webOS will be available on AT&T from 15th May 2011.The price of HP Veer 4G is $99.99.Size of HP Veer is very small but it is loaded with all necessary feature.HP has added a feature to be used with the Palm Touchstone magnetic charger (sold separately).With the help of this you can recharge your HP Veer 4G smartphone without cable and connectors.

Features and Spefications of HP Veer 4G

1) HP Veer 4G smartphone comes with basic HSPA slider and 2.6-inch( 320 x 400 ) screen with mulittouch  Display
2) Tri-band UMTS (850/1900/2100) and HSPA/HSUPA
3) HP Veer have 800MHz Snapdragon CPU and run’s Palm’s      webOS operating system.
4) Smartphone comes with 5MP camera
5) Memory storage of the device is 8Gb (6Gb is available to users)
6) QWERTY keypad for easy and fast typing messages
7) Wi-fi and Stereo Bluetooth
8) Assisted GPS

Price of HP Veer 4G
HP Veer 4G will be availabe from 15th May 2011 on AT&T for the price of just $99.99

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