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Windows Phone Mango Features Specification Price

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Windows Phone Mango Features Specification Price

Microsoft is regularly revealing new features of upcoming Window Phone Mango(latest version of Window Phone 7).New window mango phone has many exciting features like pre-installed angry bird game,actual multitasking,deep linking live agents, scan bar codes, QR codes, Microsoft tags,Turn-by-turn navigation, Bing Vision, Bing Audio, and SMS dictation etc.Upcoming Window phone Mango's features are listed below :-
Windows Phone Mango Features

  • Bing Vision and Bing Audio:
  • Bing Vision application provide ability to scan barcode and QR code, can pick up Microsoft Tags, and can detect CDs, DVDs, Books, and text using OCR.Similarly Bing Audio app will provide a link to download the audio file after detecting which song is playing.
  • SMS dictation:
  • SMS dictation is voice to text message service.Whatever you will speak,you will get it as text.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation:
  • Just like Ovi maps/navigation of Nokia,new window Mango mobile will have its navigation system.
  • Deep linking live agents:
  • Now you can create a shortcut link for almost everything in your phone.It could be app,a single page or a feature within app.This is one of the coolest feature of Window Mango Phone.
  • Multi-Tasking:
  • Another cool feature of Mango Phone is multitasking.Now you can perform different task at a single time on your Phone.
  • Facebook Chat:
  • Alongwith Window Live Messanger,Facebook Chat will be preinstalled in the window phone.
  • Email server search
  • Now you can search into your email server with new Mango Mobile.This feature was not available in previous models and only option given was to search emails that were stored in your phone.
  • Office 365 & SkyDrive support:

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