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Single Login for AIM and Google Talk

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Single Login for AIM and Google Talk
AIM and Google Talk

Now you can do chat with your Google talk friends and AIM buddies with a single login.AIM and Gmail Chat (Google Talk) are now interoperable and you can chat with friends on Google talk and AIM with single login.Now there is no need to login into both services separately.

Google and AOL are working together on integration of Google talk with AIM more tighlty. After this change, Gmail and AIM users can talk directly to each other without having to log into both services.

By signing into your Google account (Google Talk),you will be able to chat with your AIM friends with same Google account.you can talk to your AIM friends by adding them to your Google Talk list (in the form of screenname@aol.com) or by using the AIM to Gmail contacts importer, which should be available soon.

More detail on how it works will be available soon.

UPDATE: How to Import AIM Buddies into Google Talk

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