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Device to Kiss People Over Internet Launched

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Device to Kiss People Over Internet Launched
Kiss People Over Internet

A new device by The Kajimoto Laboratory at the University of Electro-Communications is launched that will help its users to transmit the feeling of a kiss over the Internet.

The kissing device,Created by The Kajimoto Laboratory, consists of a hardware receptacle and a software program.Hardware is placed into the mouth and software remembers the movements of your tongue.For Example If you move your tongue to right or left the hardware moves in the same way and software remembers this information and transmits it to the other device(receiving party).The device on other side than moves accordingly.

This device is in first stage of development and needs a lot of improvements as there are many things else other than movement of tounge. Kajimoto is working on the advancement of the Kiss Device.
Watch Video Showing How to kiss people over Internet with new device

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