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Iphone 4 Launched in India

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Apple Iphone 4 Launched in India
Apple Iphone 4

After one year of Apple iphone 4 launch, its finally released for sale in India.Apple's iPhone 4 hit store shelves in India on Friday.

Aircel and Bharti Airtel has launched Apple's Iphone 4G.New iPhone is better than the prevoius model in many ways.Iphone 4 has higher quality screen and longer battery life than the previous model.

Frontend camera is provided for video calling which was missing in iPhone 3GS model.Qualiy of primary camera is also enhanced and a flash light is provided to capture the still images in night or low light.

India is the world's second biggest market for mobile phone service and is fastest growing market of mobiles with more than 800 million mobile subscribers.Though number of smartphone users is quite less,nearly 5 percent.With the launch of 3G service in India,companies expact boom in sale of smartphones.

Price of iPhone 4G in India

Price of iPhone 4G with a 16 GB capacity is 34500 Rupees and Price of iPhone 4G with a 32 GB capacity is 40,900 rupees.
iPhone 4G is available on Aircel and Bharti Airtel retail stores.

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