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Window 8-New Features Leaked

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http://informationground.blogspot.com/2011/04/window-8-specification-and-concept.htmlWindow 8 - New Features Leaked
Window 8

Window 8 new rumors are leaked on internet.New features of Window 8 are hot topics on internet.Three new purposed features of Window 8 are leaked on internet.New advanced task manager and ability to boot with USB device are the new features included in Window 8.Below are three purposed features of Window 8 leaked on internet :-
1) Window 8 - advanced task manager
Window 8 - advanced task manager
You will get a completly new advance and optimized task manager.As shown in the above picture,task bar will show all running process,CPU usage with detailed information that user can easily understand.

2) Window 8 - Touch Task Manager
Below picture shows task manager with touch friendly interface.It looks like Window is preparing for touch interface like Ipads.
window 8 - touch task manager

3) Window 8 - Portable workspace
One other most awaited feature of Window 8 is boot from USB device.In current versions of Windows(Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 etc.) user have option to boot from CD only.Windows 8 will come with facility to boot from USB device also.
Window 8 - portable workspace

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