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Google Working On Overhaul of YouTube

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Google Working On Overhaul of YouTube
Google Working On Overhaul of YouTube
The Big G is working on major modifications of YouTube.Google is working hard to overhaul YouTube and turning it into a premium-content competitor with organized channels and professionally produced video.YouTube is looking to compete with broadcast and cable television and with this google is trying to enter living rooms of peoples.

Google is planning to make changes in home page to highlight sets of "channels" around topics such as arts and sports.There will be around 20 channels which will feature several hours of professionally produced original programming a week. Additional channels would be assembled from content already on the site.

It is planning to spend as much as $100 million to commission low-cost content designed exclusively for the Web.

All these changes are expected to be seen at the end of this year.Google is hiring professional to move ahead with the changes, peoples associated with the matter said.

YouTube offers some full-length recent and older hit movies and shows, such as "The Da Vinci Code" and "Married...With Children," though the selection is limited.

YouTube is trying to attract more TV programs and Movies on to the site.With the rise of Internet TV Google is trying to compete with Amazon.com Inc, Hulu LLC etc and let people watch online video in their living rooms.

Google announced new copyright Policy for YouTube.Click Here to Watch what's new in Copyright Policy of Google for YouTube.

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