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How to Change BSNL Broadband Plan

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How to Change BSNL Broadband Plan
Change BSNL Broadband Plan
If you want to change your BSNL broadband plan than there are two ways to do this.

First way is to approach the nearest BSNL customer care center and fill the change request form adrressing to 'The Commercial Manager, BSNL of your area.It should be signed by the person to whom the landline belongs.Submit the form and you are done.The request will be processed within 3 days.Adjustment of payments will be made/indicated in your next first bill.

Remember to make these changes atleast 10 days prior to the next month.Only than new plan will be effective from next month.

Second Approch is to change BSNL Broadband Plan Online.
To change the bsnl broadband plan online you have to register account on Bsnl web portal.Register a free account on selfcare.ndc.bsnl.co.in (for north India).You will need your customer ID to register there.Below are the steps to change broadband plan online :-

1) If you already have account with Bsnl web portal than login to your account otherwise register a new account there.North Indian user click selfcare.ndc.bsnl.co.in  and  rest of Indian user click  selfcare.wdc.bsnl.co.in to register free account on Bsnl Web Portal.
BSNL Registration

A registration form will pop up which will look like this

Basnl web portal registraion form

2)Enter the Customer Id and Click continue.Now fill the hint question and answer which will be used if you forgot your password.Enter your desired Username and email.Password will be sent to email address.Check the box of terms and conditions.Click on Submit.

3)Check your email (entered at the time of registration) for password.Login using Username and Password

4)Click on Service Provisions and than Change Broadband Tarrif Plan.
Change BSNL Broadband Plan

5)Choose plan type.Check the bos combo(combo plans are are cheaper).Select Usage type(Home or business).Click NO at Modem installation required(in case you don't need new modem).Click on "Choose Broadband Plans" to select one from different plans that meet your requirement.
Than click on Submit.

Your BSNL Broadband plan will be changed in 24 hrs. and a confirmation email will be sent to you.
If you got any problem than you can call 1504 BSNL broadband Official helpline number.

Again keep in mind that you have to make request to change broadband plan atleast 10 days before next month.Only than new plan will be effective from next month.

If you have any question or trouble you can comment here.I will try to sort out.

Click here for instructions on how to check your Broadband Usage

Currently have 16 Response to 'How to Change BSNL Broadband Plan'

  1. is this method of changing plan appicable in kolkata>?plz reply...............online changing of bb plan appicable in kolkatta????

  2. Yes,changing plan is applicable in Kolkata also.Just follow the steps mentioned in the post.

  3. but it is saying that i dont have web dynpro ....so please suggest another way to register there..or please provide me with some other links............plzzzzzz........

  4. you can register your account here

  5. what is the point to register here......if i have to change my plan then i wl have to reister at the bsnl portal....but i cannot register there.plz help

  6. There are two different links for registration.
    BSNL Web Portal Link 1

    BSNL Web Portal Link 2

    I think now your problem will solve.

  7. If it is showing error of web dynpro than change your browser.Use IE8 or lower version.

  8. Im from thanjavur,tamilnadu.

    I cant register on this two link. I entered the correct customer id from my bill. Eventhough Its showing error to me.

  9. What error is it showing?

  10. Hi

    I have tried to register with the customer id provided to me. But always it say "Please provide a valid customer id". However I was able to register using same customer id in calcutta telephone's website and I am able to view bills correctly.

  11. please tell me how to check our call details of landline??

  12. to check call details of landline ,you have to register a account on http://selfcare.ndc.bsnl.co.in/
    For more detail please visit Get BSNL Number's call detail

  13. dude i ve made my account on that website but now ven i click change d bsnl plan, a window pops showin' "conatct customer care"...it z freakin' me.....help

  14. it is freakin me out...i click on change my plan a window pops showin' contact customer care....HELP

  15. After registering i doesn't got password plzz help

  16. Try to register again.If it doesn't work than you can try forgot password option and reset the password.You can reset it back by answering the question you entered at the time of registration.Just click on forgot your password in the homepage of BSNL Self Care Portal.

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