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Laser Igniters Will Replace Spark Plugs in Automobiles

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Laser igniters are going to replace spark plugs that have powered internal combustion engines for more than hundred years.Laser Igniters are made from ceramics and will make vehicles more efficient and economical.
spark plug
Spark Plug which is used these days
Takunori Taira of Japan's National Institutes of Natural Sciences claimed that laser igniters are going to replace the spark plugs that are used in vehicles for more than hundred years.

Spark Plug is used to providing the all important spark for setting the fuel-air mixture of the internal combustion engine on fire.This Conventional spark plugs pose a restriction in improving fuel economy and reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), a key component of smog.Now This old device will be replaced by a more effective device called as laser igniter.
Old spark plug is not fuel efficient and also cause excessive emission of nitrogen oxides which is main cause of pollution.
laser spark plug
Laser Spark Plug - Laser Igniter

Laser igniter or laser spark plug overcome these limitations of conventional spark plug.Only problem with laser igniter was its huge size.Now Taira and his team of researchers at the National Institutes of Natural Sciences, Japan have overcome this problem by designing composite lasers using ceramic powder.They heat the powder till it melts and forms transparent optical solids. Then, these are tuned by embedding metal particles in them. The ceramic solids are more durable, strong, and easily tunable than the traditional crystals. Also, they can dissipate power in a better way because of their good thermal conductivity.
Laser ignition system is still under testing and is not installed in any actual automobile.
This concept will be presented in the Conference on Lasers and Electro Optics to be held in Baltimore in first week of May.

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