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Chrome OS for tablets by Google

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Chrome OS for tablets by Google
Chrome OS for tablets by Google
Google is working on making a browser based operating system - Chrome OS.This is not a new project as Google created mock-ups of a Chrome OS tablet more than a year ago.But it does indicate that a tablet incarnation of Google's Web-app operating system is a near-term priority, not just an idea.

A number of changes in Chrome and Chrome OS source code that arrived in March and April reveal the Signs of Chrome OS for tablets.There are further more indications of Chrome OS for Tablets like -

1) A virtual keyboard with a number of keys -- tab, delete, microphone, return, and shift, for example--drawn in SVG so they can be shown by a browser. Screen keyboards are, of course, a necessity with tablets.

2) The "user-agent string" text that browsers supply so Web servers can deliver the appropriate version of a Web site--for touch user interfaces. The string includes the term "CrOS Touch," not just CrOS as before."This lets Web sites that are already customizing for tablet experiences easily adapt to support tablet ChromeOS devices," the programming change log notes.

3)A variety of moves to make the browser more touch-friendly, for example by increasing the space around items to make it easier to select them with a touch interface.

4)A revamped new-tab page (which people see when they open a new, blank tab) that's "optimized for touch." The current page shows an array of Web applications downloaded from the Chrome Web Store, but the modified version adds multiple screens of icons in the style of iOS devices.

5)The orientation of the new-tab page, but not its size, will change when the device is rotated, according to the new-tab page's coding annotations. "Note that this means apps will be reflowed when rotated (like iPad)," the annotation said.

6)The CSS code for the new-tab page also indicates that programmers would like to be able to move icons around the page, preferably with animation.
Below is a diagram of Chrome browser which looks like it is designed for Tablet.Take a look....
Chrome OS for tablets by Google

It will beat Apple Ipad or not only God knows.Full features and specifications will be revealed once Google announces its official release.

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