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$25 Discount on Kindle

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$25 Discount on Kindle by Amazon
If you are planning to purchase new Kindle e-reader than Amazon is offering $25 discount on Kindle.Amazon is selling the Kindle for $114 instead of $139.But there’s a catch.Amazon is giving the discounted e-reader with advertisements included.Amazon promises that advertisement won’t interrupt reading and will only show up on the home screen and screen savers. “We took our bestselling Kindle and made a version with special offers and sponsored screen savers. Companies sponsor the screen savers and you pay less for your Kindle.”
$25 Discount on Kindle
To make this offer more appealing,Amazon is offering ads that customers want to see.That means only those ads will be displayed which you want to see. The online retailer created an application called AdMash which users can download and pick ads that interest them. These discounts on Kindle from Amazon are offered in the first few weeks of its promotion. Included deals are:

$10 for a $20 Amazon gift card
6 audible books for $6 (valued at $68)
Amazon MP3 store album for $1 (valued at as much as $10)
These offers make it a pretty good deal. The $139 Wi-Fi only Kindle was a great chance for consumers to get their hands on a best-selling product that had one caveat but otherwise saved them $50 and functioned just as well. Amazon is trying to catch new customers and earn money through ads also.Image on right side demonstrate how ads will display in the e-reader.If you are not annoyed by ads than you can save $25  with this deal by Amazon.

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