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241 Tornado in 3 Days - USA

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241 Tornado in 3 Days - USA
Tornedo in USA
Tornedo In USA on 16 April 2011

USA faced 241 tornado in just 3 days.After startin from Thursday,the strom has taken the life of more than 45 peoples of different states.Dozens of people are injured.

Reports beleived it to be the strogest tornado of last 20 years.Two dozen of people killed in North Carolina on Saturday while seven people were killed in Alabama on Friday. Most of the death are reported in state of North Carolina.Nearly 60 tornadoes were spotted in North Calorina on Saturday.

This Tornado is the strogest storm of last three decades.Nearly 200k houses are suffering from power failure.Nearly 70 homes were destroyed and more than 50 peoples were taken to hospital in Greenville.

Government has declared emergency in North Carolina.Normally North Carolina face 19 tornado in a year but this time 62 tornadoes were reported the night before from the worst spring storm in two decades to hit the state.NBC News reported 24 deaths in North Carolina.

Tornado In Crittenden County, Arkansas, USA on 16 April 2011 Video

Tornedo In North Carolina,USA Video

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