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Speed Up Page Load With Cpanel

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Speed Up Page Load With Cpanel

Every site owner want to optimize website for better search engine ranking.Search engine optimization of your website can be very time consuming.However you can follow some some simple tips to get better search engine optimization and page ranking.

You can improve your website load time by tweaking in your cpanel.For doing this follow these simple steps :-

1) Login to your website's cPanel.

2)Click on Optimize website.You can find it under the Software/Services Tab.(Checkout the image below for more detail)
Optimize Website With Cpanel

3)In next window select "Compress the specified MIME types". "text/html text/plain text/xml" is written by default in the MIME types textbox.If it is not there then write it.(detail in image below)

4)Click on Update Settings.

5)You are done.Now click on Go Back to move back to your cPanel Homepage.

In this way you can enable the compression of the content and hence can speed up the page load.

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