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Royal Wedding - Interesting Facts

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Royal Wedding - Interesting Facts

Prince Williams married Kate Middleton on 29 April 2011.Celebration comes in British Royal Family after 30 years.It was a big event and everybody in the world was eager to know about what's happening in the wedding.

Royal Wedding of Kate and Prince Williams was live broadcast on many tv channels and websites.Biggest video site YouTube was contracted to live the event.Twitter was also prepared for the live coverage of Royal Wedding.Many TV channels like TLC CNN, BBC, Fox and CBS etc. was doing the live broadcast of Royal Wedding.

Below are some interesting facts of Royal Wedding that I have collected:--

On Facebook nearly 2.8 million people in the UK and US updated their status about the Royal Wedding. While on Twitter users were posting 237 tweets every second about the Royal Wedding.

Kate Middleton was 29 years old when she married Prince Williams.She is the oldest English Royal Bride.She is 6 month elder than Prince Williams.

Wedding ring of Kate is made of gold from the Clogau Gold Mine in the Welsh mountains. The estimated cost of this ring is around 85,000 pounds

When asked what they love about each other, William mentioned that Kate had “plenty of habits” that he loved to tease her about. We’re happy to know that the soon-to-be British princess has just a touch of neurotic tendencies. She also reportedly can drink William under the table, which makes her a girl after our own heart.

Royal Wedding was insured with 2600 crore Rs. insurance.It is the biggest insursnce ever done for a marriage.

Total expanditure on Royal Wedding was 4500 crore Rs.

The cost of cake for Royal Wedding was 50 lacs(Rs)

Royal Wedding was viewed by 2 Billion people in the World.

The Royal Wedding is the first ever wedding that was live broadcast on YouTube.

Watch Some Great Moments of Royal Wedding (Images)

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