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Google New Copyright Policy for Youtube Video

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Google New Copyright Policy for Youtube Video
Google Unveiled New Copyright Policy For YouTube

We reported a couple of month ago that Google is overhauling the YouTube.Now today Google has unveiled its new policy regarding copyright material on YouTube.Copyright violator has to pass a test and watch video as per new copyright program.

Google was getting negative reviews on allowing users to upload copyright material on YouTube.Google faced prosecution by Viacom in 2007 which filed a billion dollar lawsuit on account of massive copyright infringement by hosting infringing content on YouTube.

Previously Google used to give warning to its user on first copyright violation.Account was permanently disabled after three copyright complaints.

Now if YouTube catch any copyright material by a user than user will be treated to a 4 minute and 30 secon “YouTube Copyright School” animated video (see below) featuring the stars of the Happy Tree Friends videos.

In the past, copyright violations have gone on users’ permanent records. As part of the new policy measures, Google is allowing offenders a path to redemption. Now, if violators watch the “Copyright School” video and steer clear of any additional violations, Google will remove copyright strikes from their records.

Google has also launched a copyright center on YouTube for helping user to tell them about copyright laws and consequences they have to face after violating the copyright law.


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