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Photoshop Applications For iPad

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Photoshop Applications For iPad
Photoshop For iPad
Photoshop Application For iPad
Adobe announces  new tablet-optimized Photoshop software, including three iPad apps, this Monday.Adobe is going to release a Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit  which allows developers to create tablet and smartphone apps that communicate with a desktop running Photoshop.

These three new apps are coming to iTunes Apple store.Developer can checkout the performence of these tools there.

The first photoshop application is $5 finger-painting app called Eazel.It lets the user wirelessly send work to a desktop Photoshop app. The second application is Color Lava.It is a $3 palette app that lets the user mix, blend and create colors and themes to export to a PC. The third photoshop application announced by Adobe is Adobe Nav ($2).It taps into a desktop version of Photoshop and lets you control PC documents on your tablet.

Gizmodo wrote about the upcoming apps and the potential the developer's kit holds: "The possibilities of the Photoshop Touch SDK are truly endless. People would be able to use their iPad or Honeycomb tablet to do things like fully control Photoshop tools, from brushes to colors to layers. In effect, this transforms your favorite tablet into a control surface for your favorite image editing software, just like there are apps that could work a control surfaces for music and video editing software."

These 3 apps are not a standalone version of Photoshop for tablets and has yet to be released.

Below is a video which is demonstrating the  three forthcoming iPad apps in action. Watch and comment what you think about these apps.

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