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Get Call Detail of BSNL Number

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Get Call Detail of BSNL Number
Are you interested in getting the call detail of BSNL number ?Do you want to know about all dialed numbers in a given month.Do you want to get detail of how much time you spend talking on a particular number ?If yes than here is solution.

BSNL has launched a new web portal.You can register a free account there and get benefit of all services.In BSNL web portal you can check the Call Detail.You can also check the dialed numbers, BSNL Broadband Usage(if you have BSNL broadband), Change BSNL Broadband Plan, Change Broadband Password Pay Bill and many other services.

To get call detail of BSNL number you need to register account at BSNL Web Portal.It is free service offered by BSNL.Click Here to know more about registration on BSNL WEB Portal

After you registered a free account,Logged into your account.Click on My Services in left side panel to expand it.Now click on "View Bills" and you will get a new window in the right side.(See image below)

Now click on the Bill Analysis in the right side window.(red cirlced in the above image).A new window will open which will look like image shown below:---
Call Detail of BSNL Number

Now click on Itemised Calls in this new window(red circled in the example image)You will get the detail of all calls made by this number.
Call Detail of BSNL Number

UPDATE :Please note that BSNL selfcare portal works only with Internet Explorer (IE) Browser (version IE 6 to IE 8). Not any other browser (Mozilla, Chrome even IE 9 version ) works with BSNL selfcare portal

To know about how to change your BSNL broadband Password Click Here and to check your Broadband Usage Click Here.If you want to change your Broadband Plan than click How to change Broadband Plan.

Currently have 8 Response to 'Get Call Detail of BSNL Number'

  1. i need some call details

  2. you can get call detail of only your number.

  3. i want my landline call details

  4. Hello Ashok,
    You can get your landline call details on BSNL Self Care Portal.For that You have to register a free account on self care site.Just follow the steps given in this article and you can get call detail of your BSNL Landline.

  5. i want call history of my mobile number 8985964729

  6. i wnt my gsm mobile call detail sir .can i help me..?

  7. For now you can get call detail of BSNL landline number only.

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