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Play Games On Facebook Wall

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Play Games On Facebook Wall
Play Games On Facebook Wall

The casual and social game developer Arkadium announced today the release of the Arkadium Stadium.With the Arkadium Stadium user can post and play games from their Facebook walls.Arkadium Stadium is a suite of 12 Flash-based games.With the help of Arkadium Stadium you can quickly publish the game app to your profile, or your friends’ profiles and play right there.

With the help of Arkadium Stadium people will be able to enjoy and share games like they would videos, photos, and links.Arkadium is developing games for the last 10 years and started creating games for Facebook from last one year.Company is trying to use the popularity of Facebook as over 200 million users play games on Facebook.Most of the Facebook games are currently played in-app, this functionality might signal a growing trend in social gaming, especially on Facebook. Arkadium Stadium is going to make make sharing and playing Games on Facebook much easier.

The Arkadium Stadium games suite includes puzzles like Sudoku, a Tetris-like dice game, 52-card pickup, and nine other simple and casual games.

Whether or not it’s needed, this adds another layer to “Social”, considering I can now pop over to friends’ profiles to see if anyone else has taken the bait and is enjoying a little Sudoku during work hours. And if they’ve posted a game I happen to enjoy, but am a little hesitant to add the game to my own wall (I’m careful like that), then I can just roll a few dice right on their Facebook wall. Then leave them a message on their wall reminding them how much better I am at the game.

At any rate, it’s kind of a neat feature, and I’ll be interested to see whether or not its embraced by fellow Facebook gamers. (And how well Flash holds up across browsers — in Chrome, it works like a charm.) I have a feeling it will be, if Zynga isn’t already planning to roll out similar functionality for their lineup.

Click Here to add Arkadium Stadium app to your Facebook Account

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