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Unfollowed Me Scam Application On Twitter

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Unfollowed Me scam application On Twitter
Unfollowed Me Scam Application On Twitter
Unfollowed Me Scam Application On Twitter

A new scam hits on Twitter and goes viral. A rouge application ‘Unfollowed Me’ is infecting twitter users, and those users in turn are spreading the application to their circle of followers. According to the "Sophos Naked Security blog", the Twitter scam hooks users by promising to reveal how many people have unfollowed them. The rogue twitter app’s viral attack is similar to the Facebook scam which promises to reveal stalkers.
Unfollowed Me Scam Application On Twitter

A message from someone in a user’s network will typically have a link where the Twitter user can find out how many users have unfollowed them, and hash tags .Message looks like :

"58 people have unfollowed me, find out how many have unfollowed you: [LINK] #rw2011 #duringsexplease #youneedanasswhoopin"

It includes a link and message regarding how to check peoples who unfollowed you.Clicking the link leads you to a web page which looks as if it's about to reveal that information — but is actually designed to make you take an online survey instead. The scammers make money on every survey taken. And if you have given the rogue app permission to access your account, it'll start sending out similar tweets to your followers under your account's name.

 If you decide to click on the link, you will be asked to give authorization for an application to access and update your twitter account. Click DENY!

If you have accidentally allowed the access to "Unfollow Me scam appliation link" than you can easily correct it by following these simple instruction :-

Steps to overcome Unfollow Me Scam Application On Twitter

1) On the top menu of Twitter account click Profile.
2)Now click the link to Edit Your Profile.It will open setting page.
3)On the menu at the top of your Setting page, click Connections.
4)There are applications to which you have allowed to access your account. Remove the suspicious application that you don't know.

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