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Window 8 Specification and Concept

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Window 8 Specification
Window 8
Window 8 Concept ,Specification and Full Features
Microsoft is planning to release new version of window - window 8.The newest version released by Microsoft is Window 7.It was not much succesful version as it has compatibility problem with many software.People are still using Window XP, the older version of Windows.They prefer to run window XP rather than using Window 7 or Window Vista.

To overcome these limitations of compatibility and to make window much more advance in performance and application ,Microsoft is planning to release new version i.e. Window 8.

Following list of features is expected to be implement by Microsoft in Window 8:-

It is the 128 bit compatible such that process the 128 bit of data parallel at one cycle of the CPU and used for the fast data transfer due to which the window make use of the larger cycles bit transfer for achieving the fast speed.

The concept of the binary and backward compatibility has been introduced in it so that the existing software’s and hardware instructions can be easily executed in it and some 3 dimensional applications are also introduced in it that can extend the tools required for the operational activities.

Window 8 will be compatible with touch screen mode.

Window 8 with a webcam next OS will sign in automatically and can recognize new users, like kinect xbox360.

The user designed video concept is also used in it for the future generation along with the cluster support for the one way replication which is linked with the core engine to provide the fast performance applications.

For the files and folder synchronization, it makes use of the replicated engine for the distributed file system for the multiple servers and also branch cache is also putted in it and helpful in accessing the data from the servers and send them to the cache to process them instantly.

The file sharing is used in the Windows Live Messenger and the limit of the data transfer is also increased and 80 percent of the WAN bandwidth is used with the wire differential compression that have added the job profile posting.

Video shows the concept of Window 8

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