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How to Find Your Stolen Camera

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How to Find Your Stolen Camera
Find Your Stolen Camera
Find Your Stolen Camera

If your camera is missing or stolen than you need not to worry about that.
A new website is launched which claims to find your stolen or missing camera by searching it all over the internet.

To find your stolen/missing camera,you need to upload a image to the website http://www.stolencamerafinder.com/ .The Image (picture) that you are uploading should be taken from the camera which is missing.If you don't have any image taken from the missing camera than you can manuaaly enter the serial number of the camera.

Website uses meta data of images and check the images all over web to matches the serial number of missing camera.You required a little luck also when you use this service.If the finder of the camera uploads image on the internet,only than it is possile to trace the camera.

Give it a try and check if it works for you.

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