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Facebook "Send" Button For Selective Sharing

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Facebook Send Button For Selective Sharing

Facebook introduced a new SEND button for selective sharing.SEND button of Facebook is similar to like button or share button (previously used facebook button),with added capability to share a page with selected users.

Facebook has two widely used social sharing buttons, one is like and other is Share.These two button helps Facebook users to share a webpage or any blog article with their friends.This Monday Facebook introduced a new social sharing button "send" which is the modified version of "Share" button.

When you click on a webpage with integrated Send button, than you’ll be prompted to share that webpage with any of your Facebook friends, Facebook Groups, or any standard email address. In other words,Send button provides you a option to share webpage with selected friends or groups while Like button was designed to share content quickly with all of your Facebook friends.

Facebook's Send button will help users who want to share a web page or link with selected friends or selected groups.Facebook launched like button a year ago and you can find it now on almost every webpage.Now Facebook has provided a new tool with more advanced sharing option.Facbook's Send button will probably lead to a increase in Groups usage as it will be easy to share a webpage with a group of people with common interest.

Below I have demonstrated the example of Facebook send button in a Image:-

Facebook Send Button Example
Facebook Send Button Example
 With the help of Facebook Send button you can share a webpage with your friends by emailing them.So it will surely replace the "email to friend" button you might have seen on various webpages.

For instructions on How to add Facebook Send Button,Click on Add Facebook Send Button to website and Blog

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