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Google Account Activity - Complete Information

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Account Activity is a new feature provided by Google to its users.This service is still beta and provides complete information about how you have used Google Products.It helps you to monitor your usage.It will provide the information about the browser and platform that you have used to sign in into your account.It will also provide information about the location from where you signed in.
Google Account Activity
Google Account Activity
As you see in the above image, it shows information about Gmail, YouTube and web history usage.It shows the complete information about how much email you have sent/ received and most contacted emails.Web History shows you the number of searches you made, your top queries for which you searched and search types (whether you search for image or web).

You also get information about YouTube videos that you have uploaded.This portion shows the total number of views on your videos,viewers location and your most popular video.

Let me know your thoughts about Google account activity.

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