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How to create Google Plus Page

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Google + is the social networking site by Google.Just like its competitor Facebook, now Google + offers you to create a page.You can create a Fanpage on Google plus just like we do in Facebook.
We already have fan page on Facebook where you can like us.Now Information Ground is on Google + also.
 You can simply plus one on the Google plus page in the same way as you like on the Facebook.It will increase the search engine visibility and credibility of your website.You can use Google + page to promote your brant, product ,website, group or any other event.
Steps to Create Google Plus page
Creating page with Google + is very easy.Visit Create a page on Google + and follow the instructions given below :-
Go to Create a page of Google + and you will see a page like the image shown below
Now choose the most appropriate category for which you are creating a page.For example if you want to promote your brand or any products than you should choose "products or brands". You will need to add detail about your product/brand like name, website (optional) and category.

Similarly if you choose local business than you need to locate your business on Google map by searching for primary phone.If you have not added your business to Google map than it will give you option to add it to Google map than create a page for it.
Choose the right category ,accept the terms and click on create.That's All.......Your Google plus page is ready.Ask your friends and readers to follow the page.
After creating your page you can add information about your brand. you can also add pictures to promote your brand.
Don't forget to follow Information Ground on Google+.

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