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Simple Tips to Load Gmail Quickly

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Gmail is the email service provided by Google.it was reported down few day before by a number of people.Google team invested the matter and sort out the problem.This service outage cause trouble for many people.If you are one of those people who suffered this service outage than you can easily overcome from this kind of problem next time by following the simple steps.You can also quickly access you gmail inbox by using these tips.:-
1) Try loading Gmail in simple HTML mode:-
     Standard view of Gmail takes a lot time to load.You can switch to simple HTML mode of gmail.It loads faster and may help you in downtime.
2)  Use Mobile Version of Gmail from your desktop:
 Mobile version of any site loads faster.Same is the case with Gmail.You can access the mobile version of Gmail directly from your desktop by clicking here.
3)  Using Safe mode:-
 Another option is to go for safe mode.If you are a tech geek and are using gmail lab features than you might have observed that some of these features conflict with each other.You can disable these features and use safe mode of Gmail by clicking here.
4) Use iGoogle Gadget :-

     You can add iGoogle gadget to get the email.It is a small version of Google's free Mail system, which previews your inbox.You can easily add it from here.
5) Get Gmail's Offline Access :-
        Now you can get access to Gmail while you are offline.Though this method is not 100% perfect as it doesn't store all of your inbox emails but still you can get access to most of your emails while you are offline or gmail is down.

You can use these steps not only when gmail is down but also when you want faster access to gmail or your internet connection is slow. These steps helps to load your gmail account faster and you get quick access to your inbox.

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