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Firefox keeps loading pages - Solution

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Firefox is one of the best internet browser.Study shows that the number of people using Firefox as primary browser is increasing rapidly.Maximum number of tech geeks uses Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.
Firefox browser looks better than IE .It loads faster than IE and have many plugins (add-ons) that enhance its functionality (Though IE also added some extra functionality in its 9 and later version) .
I am also using Firefox for surfing internet.From last few days I was getting some problem while using it.
My Firefox keeps on loading the page.Even welcome page was taking a long time to load.A circle in the tabs keeps on moving which shows that page is still loading.
Sometimes circle keeps on moving and i have to open a new blank tab.I was completely annoyed with this.I searched Mozilla forums and found this solution:-
1) Type about:config in the address bar and press the "Enter" key.
2) When you see a warning, click I'll be careful, I promise! button.
3) In the Filter bar, type network.http.max-connections
4) Right click the preference network.http.max-connections and choose Modify change the value to 30 or 48 click OK. (default value is 256)
5) Close the about:config tab and  Restart Firefox.

Another alternate solution for this problem is to disable the extra addons and plugins that you have installed.
Follow these steps to remove/disable addons or plugins:-
1) Go to Add-ons Manager by clicking Add-ons from Tools menu.Alternatively you can use command  ctrl+shift+A
2) Click on Disable button to disable the add-ons.You can uninstall these add-ons by clicking on Remove button.
3)You can also remove/disable extra plugins by selecting plugins from right sidebar.

After removing the extra add-ons/plugins , restart the Firefox.
Hope this solution will help you.If you have face same problem or still facing problem than please share it in comments

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