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India's first 4G service launched by Airtel

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Airtel has launched the first 4G service of India.For now 4G service is launched in Kolkata only but soon Airtel will launch it in Bangalore.Other states have to wait for sometime to enjoy the this fastest internet service.
Airtel 4G services are priced from Rs 999 per month to Rs.1999 per month for a download datat of 6 to 9gb.
Airtel Bharti and its rivals had paid a total of 385.43 billion rupees to buy 4G spectrum in 2010.These companies have paid a large amount to buy spectrum so there is no hope of cheaper price plans in 4G service.Prices may be slashed to a little extent after launch of 4G service by other companies.
What is 4G ?
Just like 3G, 4G is short form of fourth generation.In simple words the 4G service will provide more fast internet speed than its predecessor 3G internet service.Downloading speed will be nearly 5 times faster than the 3G internet.Existing 3G services allow users to download data at max 21 mbps (megabyte per second) while 4G gives a download speed of up to 100 mbps.

4G will allow users faster download as well as fast uploading of files.

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