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Easy Ways to Make Money Online

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5 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

make money online
Easy way to make money online

Internet users are growing rapidly in the world.More and more people are interested to make money online.There are number of websites that claim to give tricks to earn money online.But most of them are scam and provide a ebook with some tricky methods that are not easy to done.So again big question id how to earn money online ? Is there any easy way to earn online ?Answer is Yes.You can earn money as much you want.There is no limit on earning of money that you can make from Internet.Here I have provided some proven method to make money online.I have tested personally some of these methods and have seen good results.You can also try these methods and earn easy money online.

Below are 5 Easy Ways to Make Money Online :-

1)  BLOG :-
                   This is the most commonly used and told method to earn money online.To earn money you just need to create a blog and place ads on it.The key is your content should be unique and of good quality.Unique and quality content will automatically drive traffic.You just submit your blog to google and you are done.You can place ads provided by google adsense, adbrite, traffic revenue , infolink etc.
 There are many more websites which provide ads for your blog or website.I have tried adsense and traffic revenue and they provide good and timely money.
                                   Free blog service is provided by many websites but I will recommend blogger and wordpress.These are world's biggest free blog service provider websites.

2) Odesk :-
                  If you are actually interested in full time online work than I will recommend you to join Odesk.
Odesk is a website that provides work online worldwide.You can register your account for free.Here you can get data entry work,administration of websites and many other programming work.You can choose as per your skills.Odesk gives payment guarantee for the work done through odesk.You can also post your work and get it done from skilled contractor.Here is a link to register a account on ODESK .

3) Online Surveys (Prooved Money and free registration):-
                               There are many websites which provide online surveys.Many of them are fake and ask you to deposit money.I am mentioning here a website which provides free registration and actually send you money.I have account on this site and you can also earn big with this site .Site for online surveys is A.W.Surveys.
Register a free account there and earn money for your opinion.It really works.

4) Elance:-
                Elance is another online job providing website.Unlike odesk, elance doesn't guarantee money for the work done.It is world's one of largest online job providing website.It has option to register a free and paid account as well.In paid account you get more chance to apply on work.Check out Elance for more detail.

5) View Ads :-
                      You can earn online by just viewing and clicking ads.There are many websites which provide this service but payout for viewing and clicking ads is low.So you can take it as a part time .Here is a one site  Viewbestads which gives money for viewing and clicking ads.

6)File Upload :-
                        Recently I came across a new method of earning good money online.This method requires to create a account on ShareCash.org.You have to upload files and whenever someone downloads a file ,than you get money.You can earn 40 cents to 60 cents per download.They are providing a tool which helps to increase your download number.So you can earn bu uploading a file and spreading the download link of your file.

I will post more online earning methods once I try them and found that they are not scam.So visit again this post for more updates.

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