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Worst Earthquake Of World

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World has faced earthquake many times.Some of these earthquakes bring a huge disaster to the region in which they come.Below is a list of some worst earthquakes ever happened in this world.I have attached images of the disaster made by these earthquakes and some figures about disaster.Check out the list of disaster making earthquakes below:-

1) One of the worst earthquake come in Chimbote, Peru  in 1970.The estimated  number of  death was 70,000.On Richter scale it was measured of 7.9 magnitude.

Earthquake in Chimbote, Peru
Earthquake in Chimbote, Peru  in 1970
 2) Another worst earthquake come in Ashgabat, Turkey in 1948. On Richter scale it was measured 7.3 and it left with 110,000 deaths.

Earthquake in Ashgabat,Turkey
Earthquake in Ashgabat, Turkey in 1948

3) A terrible earthquake come in Pakistan in 2005.On Richter scale it was 7.6 magnitude.It take the lives of 86,000 peoples.

earthquake come in Pakistan
Earthquake come in Pakistan 2005
4) Another earthquake of 7.9 magnitude come in Sichuan,china in 2008. As many 87,587 people reported died in this earthquake.

Earthquake in Sichuan,china
 5) A 7.2 magnitude earthquake came in Italy in 1908.Estimated 72,000 people died in this earthquake.

Earthquake in Italy

6) Earthquake that come in Kanto,Japan was of 7.9 magnitude.It come in 1923 and take the lives of 142,000 people.
Earthquake in Kanto,Japan
Earthquake in Kanto,Japan

7) Earthquake in Haiti which come in 2010 was of 7.1 on richter scale.The number of eastimated death in Haiti earthquake was 222,570.
Earthquake in Haiti
Earthquake in Haiti

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