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How to back up system information in Windows 7

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It is very important to backup you system information.Whenever you install new software then there are chances of  corrupting files.You are safe  once you have taken backup.You can restore it whenever you find any problem with system files.Below are steps to back up system information in Windows 7 : -
1. Open the Control Panel, then click "System and Security," then "System," then "System protection" on the left.

2. A small window should pop up with the System Protection tab highlighted. Click "Create..." near the bottom.

3. Enter a label to help you remember which backup is which. Windows should now begin creating your restore point. It takes some time, especially if you've been using your computer for a while and installing lots of programs. After a bit, you should get a message informing you that the procedure competed successfully. 4. To restore your system, repeat step 1, then click "System Restore..." near the top of the pop-up. You'll be asked to select a restore point, and then Windows will roll you back to that time. This means any changes you made to your system, like installing software or changing settings, will be lost, so be careful!

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